Samsung’s new version of the Galaxy S23 is being filtered as usual

The Samsung Galaxy Ss is still some of the best Android phones in the world, but they're not exactly the most amazing ones. We have already had a few generations where the range has only experienced small changes during the time period. The next generation can turn that into an ace!

The Samsung Galaxy Ss is still a number of the best Android phones out there, but aren’t exactly the most amazing. We’re already having several generations in which the range has only received minor changes from time to time.

El Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (AS) has especificaciones filtradas.

The next generation could change that. The Galaxy S23 will change a specific aspect of its design: the camera set, so that Samsung is able to spot mobiles now easily.

The leaked Galaxy S23 is leaking.

We know that after all, today a few images were published, compiled by Slashleaks, which are making the new S23 model available. It should be clarified that the devices that appear in the image aren’t real mobiles, but dummy models that do not contain electronic components but serve to give us an idea of what the final product will look like.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 had filtered the filter.


The conclusion that we can draw is that the ultra model is the new benchmark. Recall that the Galaxy S22 Ultra was completely different from the rest of the other models in the range, with cameras that emerged just off the rear casing instead of being housed in their own island, like all of the S22 and all of the Galaxy S22 Ultra models. other manufacturers. The explanation is that the S22 Ultra was actually the successor to the Galaxy Note, with a stylus in it, and that’s why the technology is different from the conventional cellphones.

But it seems like the S22 Ultra has caught on, since from 2023 all Samsung phones will adopt it. This is something we have already seen in the filtered mid-range models, and now it is also confirmed in the top models.

Samsung Galaxy S23 was filtrated.


The most recent version of the S23 as compared to the S22 is built on the camera. But apart from the camera, other design elements such as the edges remain the same and therefore do not adopt the flat edges of the S22.

Within, we already know that all S23s are using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, thanks to a deal between the two companies, but that Samsung will get more special and better models than other phones such as the Xiaomi 13 or the Moto.

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