Sid Meiers Civilisation VI: Great Commanders Pack available as the next DLC

In the Leader Pass, several new DLC packs for Civilization VI were announced, and were part of the new version of the "Capritalization" guide. The Great Commanders Pack is the latest addition to this ranks. The next DLC from the Leader Pass of Sid Meiers Civilization VI is now available with the Great Commanders Pack. In this Tokugawa (Japan), []

The Leader Pass announced several new DLC versions for Civilization VI earlier this year. The Great Commanders Pack is the latest addition to this ranks.

The next DLC titled the Leader Pass of Sid Meiers Civilization VI will now be available with the Great Commanders Pack. In this Tokugawa (Japan), Nader Shah (Persia) and Suleyman the Magnificent (Ottoman Empire) led their troops to victory.

The Leader Pass is another Season Pass that adds 18 new playable leader variants for Civilization VI. There are six DLC packs available for Windows PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), MacOS (Steam and Mac App Store) and iOS (App Store).

The comma section above contains the contents of this DMZ-subpackage, as indicated below.

  • Tokugawa (Japan) Tokugawa Ieyasu was a good military and peace strategist. After the Battle of Sekigahara, he established a shogunate for Tokugawa, ending the chaotic Sengoku period in Japan. His Sakoku agenda was inspired by the same name law enacted by his grandson, causing him to dislike civilizations that conquered other civilizations original capitals.

    New ability: Baku-han (Base game) International trade routes make -25% income and tourism, and the Domestic trade routes provide +1 Culture, +1 Science and +2 Gold per special district at the destination.

    A quick review of the aviation industry shows that cities within six tiles of Japan’s capital can earn 4 dollars and +1 tax in each district for each city.

    International Trade Routes earn an X55% Yield and Tourism, while Domestic Trade Routes provide an X-Action + Science and +2 Gold to each Special District at destination.

    (DLC Rise and Fall & Gathering Storm) Cities within 6 tiles from Japan’s capital are 100% loyal and get +1 tourism for every district after researching Aviation.

  • Nader Shah (Persia) Nader was a slave who made himself Shah. He proved his skills as a military commander in many successful campaigns and conquests that made him the world’s wealthiest man. Named after his elite infantry musketeers, his Jazayerchi plan makes him like civs with high land counts and dislike low-count civs.

    New Capacity: Sword of Persia + 5 combat strength when attacking completely unafraid units.

    Cities that weren’t founded by Nader Shah get more than 12,000 of Faith and 3000 Gold on domestic trade routes.

  • The Ottoman Empire (SUMM) As the tenth sultan, Suima became a lukewarm and punitive armies. He was known as a poet and a patron of the arts who began the golden age of culture. Using this, he likes civilizations who are currently under the age of age.

    New Opportunity: The Magnificent +15% Science and Culture in a Golden Age.

    +4 Combat resistance outside the Golden Age against civilisations that aren’t in the Golden Age.

To play the new person, the Persia and Macedonia Scenario Package (PDC or the Gathering Storm expansion) are requisite depending on the command.

Sixth Grade of Civilization: Great Commanders Pack Trailer: Great Commanders!

With the Great Commanders Pack, the next DLC will be ready as part of the First – II of the World War II.