Street Fighter V begins in June 2023, introduced to Dee Jay, Manon, Marisa and JP

So we get it. It looks like today's leak about street fighter 6 arrives next June is a bit precise. Capcom confirms release date for upcoming fighting game with the new trailer Game Awards being all very excited about it. Take a walk round the beta to admire everyone's wonderful creations. That game has begun.

Well, today’s leak looks like a street fighter is still in existence. Capcom confirms release date for the upcoming fighting game with new trailer Game Awards. All of us really excited about it.

Walk around the beta and admire everyone’s awesome creations.

The game is now being launched in the Xbox and PlayStation market on June 2 – much sooner than we thought it would be in 2023. I don’t think we’ll know it will arrive till April. There will be some squabbling in summer (after being very crowded, and at the beginning of the year too).

The game’s release date was not exactly as planned today, as the PlayStation Store apparently announced the release of a pre-order listing earlier today. The sales of three different versions are due to be announced as of the date.

The trailer below shows all the changes coming to this game – whether it’s a ridiculous minigame, the return of veteran character Dijk, the introduction of new characters (including a giant female brawler) or a new fighter (JP) Dee Jay, Manon, Marisa and MPP – or a new fighter.

A great year for fighting the games; and Tekken 8 will also take part in a big game.

The different Street Fighter versions leaked earlier.

One can read more about Street Fighter 6 in the link which includes a great article, authored by fvs. Connor, which explains why the new input lag feature is the earliest-gen game, and how Battle Hub is the online multiplayer tool.