The Atrhythm Final Bar Line Reveals Museum Menu & Live Info; New Playable Characters + Screenshots

Square Enix shared new information on their new title,Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, which will be published on September 14, 2019.

  • View our coverage of our announcement in which we feature screenshots and details on the various editions.
  • A DLC track list was used.
  • Switches, controls, varying levels & more…
  • 104 Final Fantasy Characters; 167 New Songs Comparing to 3DS Curtain Call, I threw the first book on my own.
  • Music Stages Menu, Sorting, ProfiCards, New Characters & Screenshots.
  • Full Base Game Tracklist & Deluxe Edition Songs.

The Museum has been introduced as a menu where players can choose stats. More specific:

  • Collections CollectaCards & Collectors bonuses.
  • Some EMS movies, and others could play out in theater.
  • Music Player allows listening to all the songs from the game here. Three playlists can be saved, and while playing on the Switch version, the songs aren’t playing if the screen is sluggish.
  • Playing records: Gameplay records are available in each player’s play mode.
  • All achievements are counted up.

Players and those wanting more information to be used during the play can enable Live info, which displays the long score for actual song, party information, and input in real time.

The book has also been confirmed, including: “The playable characters are included.”

Final Fantasy II, of course.

  • Firion
  • Minwu
  • Leon
  • Maria
  • Guy

Final Fantasy IV, first and foremost.

  • Cecil
  • Kain
  • Rydia
  • Rosa
  • Edge
  • Golbez

Final Fantasy XVI

  • Terra
  • Locke
  • Celes
  • Edgar
  • Mog
  • Kefka

Final Fantasy IV.

  • Squall
  • Rinoa
  • Seifer
  • Laguna
  • Edea
  • Ultimecia

Final Fantasy’s Music Quest, a contest that lasted for the tenth of April.

  • Benjamin

Fantasy Fiction: Crystal Chronicles.

  • Ciaran

Dissidia Final Fantasy will give away one of my favorite books.

  • Cosmos
  • Chaos

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade (Atmosph)

  • Materia
  • Spiritus

Lastly, new video-shots from a game were shared and now visible via our gallery below.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Lineis is going to start for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on February 16, 2023.