The BragMen gym opened One Piece protein shakes in 2023

The first one-time gym, A/M, where one takes classes, will open in Shibuya, Tokyo, on January 13, 2023. You can actually get used to the gym by the beginning of the jogging event in Shibuya. The event is scheduled for December.

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. Movie credits: Toei Animation

The first One Piece gym, ONE PIECE FITNESS BragMen, where you can train in One Piece, will open on January 13, 2023 in Shibuya, Tokyo.

There are many ways of learning the gym before it opens in Shibuya, where we work together at the BragMen WORK OUT event. The event is scheduled from December 24 and December 28, 2022. You can see a unique training equipment from One Piece, and a collection of things.

If you are considering that the gym is doing its third-party admission campaign, you can also book a BragMen membership on the day. I think one thing is the one-piece shaker. The advertisements give Luffys Gear four in the shakes.

Three cheese shakes are available now:

  • Cherry pie that is made from Jaya Island is flavoring.
  • Cacao Island has a Chocolat Flavor.
  • Wano Country Oshiruko Flavor.

The ONE (@OPcom_info) December 12, 2022

Cherry Pie Flavor of Jaya Island.

We meet Blackbeard on the island of Jaya, Mock town for the first time. Luffy and Blackbeard are sitting in the bar, and both have similar views on food and drink. With Black beard saying, The cherry is so good that im gonna die, while Luffy said, The cherry is so bad that im gonna die.

Cacao Island Chocolat Flavor: Cacao.

Cacao is one of the 34 islands surrounding Whole Cake Island in the area of the Totto area. Lola ran over that island, before she ran off. And Chocolat Town is the central city of the island. In this area there are many structures and artifacts made from chocolate and it is legal to eat most of them.

The Wano Country Oshiruko Flavor, which isn’t enough for a hawaiian lifestyle, is made up of olive oil.

In order to avoid losing memories, Mam’s Wano did not begin. He has the big brother taking him to Okobore, where Tsuru gives her Oshiruko. The mum found the dish very tasty and, for one of the poorest arcs, she had eaten Oshiruko.

Besides that, Oshiruko is a sweet red bean soup served with mochi.

I cant wait to open one-piece gyms around the world so that international weebs can finally work out.

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