The Co-op Game of the Horizon will confirm that it has a strong view of a particular situation

A report from October said that a cooperative game from the Horizon series was in the works. Guerrilla Games has now confirmed an online project is underway after the publication of some resumes posted online that revealed more about the multiplayer title in question. As per the survey, JorRaptor has found a trove of jobs in his house.

The report from October claimed that a cooperative game in the Horizon series was in the pipeline. Guerrilla Games confirmed an online project is now being launched after several job listings were sent online which revealed more about the multiplayer title in question.

According to JorRaptor, a slew of jobs in Guerrillas have gone live. Many of these posts point to an online game and in the job title title a project is right. The post of Senior Character Combat Designer for example requires the applicant to define unique abilities that are exciting for execute, offer tactical choices and create cooperative opportunities, for multiple player characters.

Come join Guerrilla in Amsterdam as we work to expand the world of Horizon. It’s an exciting time to join us.

Life at Guerrilla (@LifeAtGuerrilla) December 16, 2022

And while those listings confirm, in fact, Guerrilla is making something related to multiplayer, the studio tweeted that further about it. According to the tweet, a new intern team from Guerrilla is making an online project in Horizons universe set up as well as new solo adventures with Aloy. With a new variety of characters, it will have a unique stylized look, too.

A stylized look is new for Guerrilla, as all teams matches from Shellshock: Nam 67 to Killzone have all had better art styles. Horizon Zero Dawn went into developing early collaboration, as indicated by a Noclip interview released by 2018andleaked concept art, 2014.

Guerrilla still didn’t have the details for a second, so it’s unclear when much more are going to come out. The listings which were also inscribed not in this listing are either a remake or remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn. This article was read in a series of reports originally from the second batch of reports about the multiplayer game. The video games Chronicle reported in 2012 that Sony and NCSoft had agreed to make a commercialised MMO, but this Guerrilla project is likely related with that.