The console for Media Market, the Snakebyte gaming seat now costs half price

There are a lot of chairs. The more expensive you get, the more they pay. That's where this offers from Media Market can get used. If you are still looking for a comfortable gaming throne for the Christmas season, you will be able to get hold of the Snakebyte Gaming Seat Evo, for a significantly lower price. The Snakebyte Game Seat Evo []

There are many gaming chairs. And many are very expensive. This is where the Mediamarkt offers come in handy. If you are still looking for a comfortable gaming throne for Christmas, you’ll find the Snakebyte Gaming Seat Evo at a considerably reduced price.

The Snakebyte Gaming Seat Evo is a robust chair with extra heavy padded arms and a weight of 139 kilograms. With a height of 50 centimeters, even more powerful players can take a seat. It’s made out of black synthetic leather with a variety of colours in green, blue, or black.

For more comfort, the chair is equipped with a neck and lumbar pillows. If you like both, the latter are removable. You can tilt a slant to tilt the backrest backwards. If players who are currently looking for new chairs, they can use this offer without hesitation.

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