The death rowing movie was announced, with Hideo Kojima as the producer

Hideo Kojima, a creator of death stranding series, once said his game is a genre of its own. One strand movie would be the first because of the transitive property. Watch the story of how it's made: death stranding will be a film, first of a [] series.

The death stranding series faces creator and collector Hideo Kojima once said that his game is not one of its own. As far as the city has it, a film adaptation would be the first strand film. Watch the story of it: a tragedy will be a film, the first of its kind, even if there is no way of saying exactly what it means in the moment.

Death strandingThe theatrical adaptation of it is co-produced by barbarianExecutive Producer Alex Lebovici and Kojima himself. Although the film was billed as sped up, no director, author, or plot synopsis exists now, just stating that the film will introduce new elements and characters to the death stranding universe, according to a press release.

As death strandsThe cast in the game revolves around characters of famous actors like Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus. It would be nice for that film to follow new characters if even BB, the kid in the weird yellow capsule, has probably already turned out to be in the wrong shape.

It is not as if a whole grueling tale of a courier tumbling across the post-apolepsy scene the same as a short story. The film arguably was one of the more exciting things revealed during this year’s Game Awards.

It would be sad if Kojima was unable to write or direct. He says the last few years he has told us that 70% of his body is made of film.