The door 16 has been open with a 3x Construction Simulator, 4x Arcade Paradise and more

The XboxDynasty Christmas Calendar 2022 includes great prizes. Check out what's available today and share your door to your friends! In the XboxDynasty advent calendar, we don't have any games and prizes that we raffle every day, for everyone. Every day you can win amazing.

There are big prizes hidden every day in the XboxDynasty Advent Calendar 2022. Check out what’s up for grabs today and share the door with your friends!

In the XboxDynasty advent calendar there are a lot of games and great prizes that we raffle every day among all participants.

Xbox Wireless Controller 20th Anniversary Edition is available at unbelievable prices. It costs around 150 dollars at Amazon.

But that isn’t all, because you can also win 3-x construction simulator, which only got to the new Kramer DLC yesterday.

But it goes even further, because we also give away the Arcade Paradise game four times:

Three times the game in the garden:

He and the Gamers Kitchen are book-selling. Gamers Kitchen offers you quick and efficient recipes in paperback. Besides, you can get the book Amazon.

So take a breath out and breathe again. Today there are really great prizes to win and we are slowly heading towards the final date of the advent calendar. Don’t forget to join and please bring in some whipped cream, share your advent calendar with your friends, so we can deliver so good for you again next year!

Guys, we really have so many prizes for you, they even make no reference for the headline per door, so please know what you need to do.

XboxDynasty Advent Calendar Prices.

  • Xbox Wireless Controller 25th anniversary special edition (Reportable & Free) (selectable) (price-less) $.
  • A 3x simulation for 59,99 dollars each.
  • The 4x Arcade Paradise cost 19.99 dollars apiece.
  • Three pieces of bunny park for 9.99 dollars each.
  • Gamers Kitchen book for 99,99 dollars.

XboxDynasty Advent Calendar s Sweepstakes Rules.

Time is going to go a week!

A notice: No winners received information about their prize via email.

We will immediately exclude anyone who spams its account from the draw and, if necessary, block that.

As with all sweepstakes, the terms and conditions apply.

If you continue support us in the future, leave us a follow on our channels and share this little door with your friends.

The entire team at XboxDynasty keep their fingers crossed for all participants and wishes you a great advent calendar time. This calendar is our thank you for your support and trust.

Also, you can take advantage of the rare and limited Fallout Pip-Boy Edition. Click here to raffle.

That’s not all, because for the 24th of December 2022 you could win a Gotham Knights Collector’s Edition worth 399.99 dollars. Click here for the raffle:

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