The episode 12 of Shantaram: Predictable and dissappointing finale: Finale

In Shantaram episode 12 Lin gets trapped under the ongoing gang war in Sagar Wada.

Sixteen episodes of the drama series conclude on an euphorical note, leaving Lins in the vacuum. The recent instalment is entitled All the Way From There Then, To Here and is runtime to five to six minutes. Moreover, the episode was directed by Ian MacDonald and has teleplay from Steve Lightfoot and Ken Kristensen.

All of the starring cast is Charlie Hunnam as Lindsay Ford, Alexander Siddig as Abdel Khader Khan, Shubham Saraf as Prabhu, Luke Pasqualino as Maurizio, Elektra Kilbey as Lisa Carter, Ali Khan, Muhammad Vizo, Alyy, Roosi as Ali, Michael Joseph as Ravi, Sujaya Dasgupta as Kavita, Antonia Desplat as Karla, and Fayssal

The official chapter of the series is in the English words, meaning that it’s in English.


Shinzo’s latest episode didn’t contain Spoilers -Shantaram Episode 12: The series does not take a break.

It is the final episode of the first season which begins with a light chat between Lin and Prabhu after the latter rescues him from the hands of the officer. So far, the philosophy is not inherently exempt from the detective and continues to convince Prabhu that they need to find Karla.

Moreover, Sagarwada becomes a gang war when Kavita publishes a story on the trade deal. And invites discussion with Nishant, editor. The news itself has a domino effect and shakes up the foundation of the criminal empire. By exposing the characters of the story, you have the risk of losing all the characters.

Prabhu, Didier, and Lin found Madhous konot-knappings and decided to save Karla and Lisa. They could do so by the way of making it into Maurizios money and decide to take the matter into their hands.

From this brief intro, the episode becomes like a very moving piece of the puzzle that finally forms the shape of the ending. If you’re really seeing it on a regular screen, it’s just a simple mess. A trend ended with a predictable pattern towards the end of the series.

He is still from the Apple TV Drama Series Episode 12 – Shantaram.

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I had great hope to read the series and, perhaps, to correct itself. And with this finale episode, they only repeat the mundane trajectory and made things even more frustrating. Now that the season is done and the city has been in, I can quickly compare the setup to a ticking time bomb which has never gone off.

The actress’s struggle was the biggest strength of the show. Especially those Shubham Saraf and Charlie Hunnam who have curated a genuine, engaging arc of friendship. The subtle exchange of goodbyes to the finale between the two was one of the touching and emotional moments of the show. It was really disappointing, but despite the fact that such character potential is not based on the expectation.

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Shantaram’s Episode 12 Final Thoughts!

A Still from the Apple TV drama series Shantaram Episode 12 — A Still from the Apple TV drama series.

Shantaram Finale doesn’t only lead the mediocre drama genre, but is still poor at reaching for excellence. Even though there’s a possibility of some other season, the classic cliffhanger towards the end doesn’t compensate for the rest of the show.

You can download the episode on Apple TV.

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