The fuck Oscars are a huge winner. The Game Awards have over 100 million views

Even though it wasn't the best event for the Xbox, we must admit this year's Game Awards was a really spectacle. Even the endless speech of Christopher Judge, also aka Kratos, instigated memes and even a Al-Pacino by his side who could have died of old age in the meantime. However, it's [] a [sea] thing.

Even though it wasn’t the best match for Xbox, we must admit this years Game Awards ceremony was quite a spectacle. Even the endless speech of Christopher Judge, aka Kratos, even led to memes and an Al-Pacino by his side who could have died of old age in the meantime. Not only that, it did not disappoint. Sure, a commercial and a world premiere are the most popular of those, but after several years of waiting, it is safe to say that our friend, Geoff Keighley, is here to stay.

And that doesn’t let you vehemently understand, so many such a number was required, one which would lead to an event like that that in contrast to digital technologies become transmedia products. This year The Game Awards surpassed their own record for live views: 103 million. The Oscars look like they’ve found a competitor.

TheGameAwards reached the new audience record this year: 103 million live broadcasts.

Thanks for making this Game Awards the most watched in history.

Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) December 16, 2022.

The Game Awards continue to grow popular.

It seems that the buck in the gaming community is the presentation of unreleased titles, and in 2019, even the reveal of the Xbox Series X itself, which left us all speechless. I remember Mick Gordons gig at the 2016 awards, played the DIO. It was that amazing music performed by Red Dead Redemption 2 in the same year, which won Best Music. A finery has a lot to throw in. But the video game industry is time to recognize it was able to produce unforgettable moments.

As of next year, 2023, well have Xbox exclusive among the GOTYs like Starfield or Redfall, but Xbox will still be around and the price will still strike high. I leave you with this brilliant performance:

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