The Go The Way You Walk to Avatar: The Boat Into the Rolls of Barbie and the Oppenheimer

People have spoken, so they want to begin the filming of Avatar: The Way of Water, so they can see the trailers for Barbie and Oppenheimer before the movie starts.

Last night I went to the screening of Avatar: The Way of Water that didn’t have any previews, and although they probably thought that was a good thing, they didn’t seem to know that many of us were really there to see Barbie and Oppenheimer on the big screen. So the moment the screening ended, my friend and I booked our tickets for a second screening of Avatar and ran upstairs for the sake of the good lord. Watch the Oppenheimer movie in IMAX.

There was still no Barbie trailer and I was furious, but since I received the teaser, I can’t stay that angry. Still, the struggle to see both the trailers for Barbie and Oppenheimer which are being released on July 21 proved real. It seemed like I was part of a secret mission, which, while we went to the IMAX to view the films of Christopher Nolans, my friend coined the Oppenheimer Heist as I left the trailer a little later.

Tryna coin #OppenheimerHeist aka when you go in the Avatar film and watch the Oppenheimer trailer if you turn on the door.

Marika Brownlee (@marikaelon) December 16, 2022

And it seems as if Twitter had become the new trend: Go buy tickets to see Avatar: The Way of Water and come after the trailer.

laila 1, pragman proginegnate 75,00 centenary (@falconsnat) December 15, 2022.

It’s simple. You just go to the theater and leave before the movie is finished. You don’t need to do anything else. If you are, you should pick one of the 3D glasses that you gave you, but that’s personal problem.

Because it’s such a massive need to see these trailers, it is not unusual.

It was worth it, as was someone who did this. I need to watch the Oppenheimer trailer as many times as physically possible, since it is my self-named Nolan character. You could look at Barbie and anything the Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One sneak peek was (Tom Cruise definitely tried to die), and the extra 20 minutes spent in the theater was worth the extra time.

I hate to see Avatar, but even I would like to see movies such as Barbie.

Jenna Anderson (@heyitsjennalynn) December 15, 2022 2022

Sometimes, it’s hard to find out which screen has the teasers for Barbie and Oppenheimer. Some have neither one nor a single one. It’s really a chance!

pbr hard coffee (@coffeekras) December 16, 2022.

You know what your life is like on July 21st 2023, but when it happens, you realize that you are doing fine fine?

Geoff (@geofftscales) December 16, 2022.

We met at a time when our lives have been changed dramatically. Since then, many of us frantically tried to get any sort of footage from these trailers, so we can improve our lives. We did well for this. Oppenheimer and Barbie both look incredible, as we thought they would.

Ash Crossan (@AshCrossan) Dec. 15, 2022

If you’re really willing, see the film, Avatar: The Way of Water, and if you’re so brave, see it in IMAX, you can see Tom Cruise riding off the ramp four times and jumping off a cliff as a new movie of Mission Impossible.

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