The new game that you can download for free on GOG is a roguelite that will allow you to become a king of pirates

The Epic Games Store is not the only online store that let us download video games for free today. GOG used this type of example on the Christmas offers for all those who remain active until January 2, 2023, and this is not the title you get.

The Epic Games store isn’t the only digital store that has allowed us to play a videogame for free today. GOG followed the same example on Christmas occasions that will remain active until January 2, 2023, although despite this title, you can take it until 3.00 on Monday, October 19th, I am able to eat late.

This time the King of Seas was chosen as the game you can play without paying a little money in return, and on top of that you will keep it forever. You only have to connect the store to your account and close the main page where you’ll find the button to add that instantly.

It is a roguelite set in a world of pirates fashioned and won’t fight to recover anything stolen from you. This will allow you to leave with battles, islands to visit, and treasures to discover until you become the king of the pirates.

The plot consists of missions to explore areas that won’t stop changing in each game and that will change depending on your actions, and with navigability routes that will vary and with a difficulty that will adapt to the way you play, and constantly presenting a new challenge.