The strange horror Game of Norman Reedus about Peeing on Ghosts is Adapting a Movie

It's hard for movie fans to watch video games. While there were several exceptions, for the majority of us have been able to get some more exceptions.

Video game adaptations are tough to sell to cinema fans. While there were a few exceptions, turning games into movies really doesn’t work out so well.

It’ll seem like that, though, that creator, Hideo Kojima, was in no hurry to get his hit post-apocalyptic game into a big cinematic film.

In collaboration with Alex Lebovicis Hammerstone Studios, Kojima Productions will play the producer role for the movie. Hammerstone worked on the music of 2022s Barbarian and 2022s Bill & Teds Face the Music. The most famous work of Kojimas is probably the Metal Gear franchise, although he is also well-known for his work at Konami.

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Now that he and the Hammerstone studio is together, it is a new partnership. This is the pivotal moment for the franchise and I’m really looking forward to working with them in helping to bring Death Stranding to the big screen.

The game’s main character was the voice and face of Walking Deads Norman Reedus, who plays a post-apokalyptic courier named Sam Bridges. As you might imagine, the power combination Kojima and Reedus made a lot of sense for Death Stranding, though the plot is a little more unique.

If you haven’t played Death Beaching, here’s a little primer. You play a Reedus-like character who works for a company which sends him all over the wasteland transporting goods and fixing some kind of magical internet. He is involved with these oil ghosts, a pee-grenade that he fended off on this trip. Yep, you heard that right.

This game is weird, but fans love it. GameSpot scored 9.5, while GameRevolution in Google was a tenth of the game’s top 5 ranking.

At the IGN Game Awards, Death Stranding will release in 2019 with its award ceremony titled The best PS4 Exclusive. Following that, several other wins were, from best game direction, from better score/music, from best performance (Mads Mikkensen), from the Outstanding Achievement in Audio Design and PC game of the Year.

Death Stranding is currently available for the PlayStation and PC. There aren’t any movies in the future, but please keep an eye on this one.

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