The U.S. Department of Justice could take a new lineup of heroes on the Horizon

The future of the MCU has been a little uncertain since Avengers: Endgame. The key is that we have been trying to figure out what their next team of heroes will look like. Now, we might understand who we can see in the future of the universe.

Since Avengers: Endgame, the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gotten a little unknown, mainly because we have been trying to figure out what the next generation of heroes will look like. And now it’s possible that we may see who we can see in the future of the universe.

With Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff all gone, the original team of heroes commissioned and the Avengers snatched to six. All of the players seem to be doing their own thing. Right now we haven’t got any main core team of Avengers. We may have an idea of who Jonathan Majors Kang will be facing off against as he becomes the next overarching villain of the MU. Majors had an interview with the Somos Geeks and talked about the future of the Avengers.

Yes, I think this new class of Avengers is quite impressive, you know? Majors toldSomos Geeks. Let’s see how far from Letitia Wright, Florence Pugh, I mean, to name a few. I mean, these actresses are the avant-gardists of their generation, in the MCU and outside.

Majors spoke about the actors on the Marvel Cinematic Universe roster and how he could work with the new team in as well. You know, there are so many actors who have been enlisted in this MCU team that I would love to play with them, right? Majors said. And so I would love to be busy with them, and to do fight sequences and and tell the story for that scale. And since I am nabbed, I am so excited. And obviously if the originals want to take a turn, I will welcome it.

That new team is a Young Avengers team, don’t you?

In a while, the MCU has been turning to the Young Avengers to start the next phase of things. When Billy and Tommy were showing up in WandaVision, the wheels were turning. After that, we got American Chavez and Kate Bishop and looked a lot more likely. I don’t think that a team is the same way Young Avengers we know from the comics. But it’s important to understand the role of the MCU team.

We have characters like Tom Hollands Spider-Man, Dominique Thornes Riri Williams, and Letitia Wrights Shuri as Black Panthers to join the old era of young Avengers characters that can really begin to fill out the lineup, I hope this is the case.

They are all new Avengers, and we have lots of heroes taking on new mantles that will fill it. We have our Captain America in Sam Wilson, and a new take on the Hulk with Jennifer Walters. And with all these characters and some new heroes such as Moon Knight and Jack Russell, we can start to fill out the MCU completely new in a way that will never be allowed to do that. And I’ll be glad.

(via, image: Marvel Entertainment)