There are 51 achievements and trophies and all 50 trophies in Marvels Midnight Suns

Achievement/Trophy The description Lilith regressed complete the walkthrough Gift of Ohur Obtain the open Power word quick and deadly Eliminate a villain with Haste able to run Superlink? Gain a friendship level with no hero can't need pockets Create battle items on the workbench elementary, dear Agatha, Solve the mystery []

Achievement and a weakness. complete the walkthrough. Give of Osthur. Get the word for free. Short, deadly, and quick. Eliminate a villain with a Haste intelligence. Do you have a Superlink account? Gain a friendship with everyone’s heroes. Often, there are pockets in the pocket. Make a battle in the workbench. Very elementary, dear Agatha. Kill the mystery of Agathas Altar. The quantity is good. Use eight hero abilities in a single turn. The enemy’s second-long climb drops into a different position. Eliminate multiple enemies with a single Knockback 25 times. Use one and every five environmentals in one direction. Atum’s Call is up. Translate the power word “Real”. I can’t cope with that. Take again 75 cards. There isn’t an attack on you. Complete a general mission where no heroes take health damage. So, you had to go back home to eat. Complete a general mission by three-cycle or less. The fire started to burn and the cauldron poured in. Use Agathas Cauldron to make a recipe. Acquire all hunting skills. a light was on, so a light was off. New York’s complete new york mission. Turn a house into a home. Buy 10 different upgrades for the hunting room. with a nutbox. Get an Hero Ability Card at the Forge. Get the word power Purify words. The story tells you, but it’s whole myth. Start the day-long sun challenge in the Forge. The whole situation deserves favor. Enter the power word Pause. Big and crazy Complete the western part of this story. Run into two enemies with one aim. Are we great friends now? Reach the tens of thousands of friendships with any hero. Eliminate the villain with a heroic combo. Family will be in a constant state. To the full Transias story, read the complete story. It’s magic for friendship. In the Abbey, reach the highest level of team friendship in the district. Do well and look good. Spend a few hundred glitter on cosmetic options for Hunter. Spends up to ten heroism points on a single ability. Use three legended hero abilities in one mission. Open 25 Arcane Vaults. Relativer to a coven resumed. Go to the mystery of the Hiram Shaws Church. We have our way of working. Interrogate 5 enemies. Moms give their mother a gift. Just dig into the mystery of a little tree. a cap in several color combinations. In the same campaign, the heroes use a plethora of costumes to do that. I take advantage of the challenge. At last ten mission challenges are taking hold. Hunters try to get into a hunt and explore territory. Find the aheim of the Abbey in one campaign. the best girl in the world. Pet Charlie comes 15 days away. firewood for all. After each hero is finished, take a daily training session. You’re your boss. Complete a general mission led by each hero. We have some tweaks. Adds more and more modifiers to different heroes and hero abilities. Love. Ebony caresses three different days of each other. a light bulb shining. Achieve Light Balance Maximum. Use 25 combat items. The wiseness of the forests is remarkable. Collect 10 catalysts of each kind. The activity outside the school is like a football club. Attend all Abbey Club meetings in one campaign. At full capacity, the entire process is complete. Build all the upgrades to Abbey in a single campaign. At optimum heights, darkness can balance out. Survive 3 rounds in the HEAT room with each hero.