This change may affect your childhood

Several generations later, the Pokemon animated series rocked a large portion of the children's ages. Now is what we're saying. The Pokemon Company unveils the first animated movie in 2023 on Friday, December 16. I think in this season, and a new chapter will specifically focus on [][.]

Pokemon anime has already exploded in generations. But here’s a newspaper which is likely to scare you.

The Pokemon Company launched this Friday, December 16th, the first animated series, expected to be 2023. In particular this future season and new chapter intends to introduce an entire new team of trainers.

Pass the torch to Pokemon program.

The order in question for the account Official Twitter has the Pokemon license:

A new book has been announced.

Join 2 new characters and 3 Pokemon in our adventure around the world. Come on a trip to the Ashs, with one of the special episodes of the series uUltimate Journeys: The series.

Come in 2023.

Do you know who the Japanese government is from? Sacha and Mariochu has been a duo. After more than 221 episodes and 25 years of good and faithful service, our childhood heroes are retiring. We are now concentrating on the coaches Liko and Roy who are less charismatic, let alone lies. So we discover a new universe created by Scarlet and Violet. Nostalgics can stop the ranting by saying that The Pokemon Company announced that special Sacha/Pikachu episodes will end an epic spanning over two decades in style. In these episodes we will find iconic characters like Ondine and Pierre.

The scenario now focuses on the two new heroes. Pokemon universe will live on of course, but it’s a whole section of our childhood that’s about to collapse.

What do you think of the Breakthrough in the animated series?