This complex and rare set is a perfect gift for a holiday!

What can't you expect from the new news receipt! This rare set is the perfect gift for your holiday. LEGO offers a collection on the subject of Christmas, with a hefty design that will appeal to children and adults. These highly coveted sets are rare too often [&] rar[.]

Book receipts for the news!! This complex and rare set is a perfect holiday gift!

Published on 12/16/2022 at 8:45.

LEGO offers a collection dedicated entirely to Christmas, and the creations of magic, the designs are timeless and adorable, that appeal to both young adults and children. These highly coveted sets become rare, often difficult to find especially during the holiday season. The Santas Visit set is currently available on the LEGO website, now is the time to enjoy it!

The LEGO set Santas Visit is now in stock.

You’re tired of the Christmas classics, and want something more original, interactive and user-friendly? Totally good; Lego suggest the perfect Christmas present, with the sentence Visit of Santa Claus (10293). This set is part of a Christmas collection that is sold out regularly. If this set is currently available, it could change quickly.

Buy the LEGO set Santas Visit for 99,99 dollars from the official LEGO store.

The LEGO Santas visit: A wonderful set to put under the tree.

The Santa Claus Visiting Set is really interesting because it is a wonderful Christmas gift and a wonderful decoration, so it can’t be bought by anyone who wants to live on the shelf for years.

You can build this LEGO as a family so you share the real friendly moment. With its 1445 pieces, you’ll have a house painted for Christmas with snow on the roof, snow-covered trees, garlands and many more, to life. We understand that traditional fireplace is here. Santa Claus figures can even walk through the house, and ultimately end up in the family room.

This is exactly the same detail. There are plenty of living scenes in the house, a family having dinner, a little girl in her bed likely dreaming of her future gifts, a relaxing area for Santa Claus on the fireplace with biscuits and milk, etc.

A wonderful Christmas tree is also available in this set. Your hand pressing the star over will light up your decorations.

When assembled, the Christmas house measures over 19cm tall, 27cm wide, and 16cm deep. You can move the back of the roof out of the bedroom so that you can go to the upstairs room with ease. Each figurine is divided into four: the father, the mother, the child and Santa Claus.

It is good to give a gift at Christmas. There are other kinds of animals, like the pavilion of the Elves, The Main Street, designed for the holiday, etc. If you have them already, you can bring them into a true winter village.

Buy LEGO set Santas from the LEGO store for 99,99 dollars.

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