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Far from Home is a Nigerian Drama series starring Ishaya and his life ruined.

Far From Home is a Nigerian novel called Far From Home, to the stories of Nigerian aspiring artists Ishaya, who lands in grave danger while fulfilling his dream. The series is designed by Damilola Elebe and Chinaza Onuzo and stars Mike Afolarin in a titular role.

The full cast includes Funke Akindele, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Mike Afolarin, Elma Mbadiwe, Adesua Etomi, Bolanle Ninalowo, and Bimbo Akintola. It’s divided into five episodes, and its average runtime is thirty five to fifty minutes; with these series authored by Dami Elebe and Chinaza Onuzo.

The complete synopsis of these series is meant to read like that.

After giving him a prestigious scholarship for $15,000, a financially weak teenager finds himself in the middle of luxury.

-Far From Home Series Review doesn’t contain Spoilers-

The series starts with the introduction of Ishaya, who wakes up instantly from her successful and rich dreams and starts to learn the daily activities of his difficult life. The young and ambitious boy from Lagos does some harm to clean homes and sells street art to support his dreams.

I stumbled over a lot of cash from the local pub owner/drug mafia to take it a step further. He consumes not only his dream, but also his entire family in life-threatening danger.

In addition, the protagonist teaches himself a wealth of other cultures in Africa, to become the local drug peddler on the campus. He manages to find a way to become an artist and to stop it from occurring. What happened next is a series of simple, boring and lifeless moments, that just feels too difficult to watch.

This five-part show is trying to put all the components of drama, thriller, and some kind of comedy into a single unit and fails desperately in the attempt. For example, the part where Ishaya hides his cheating note for his employer sounds like a simple attempt to undermine the elementary intellect of the audience.

The plot complicates itself when Ishaya starts working with the college brats and ends up getting high on the same drugs. The entire sequence is absolutely artificial and even more difficult to comprehend.

A still from Far from home.

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Notably, the rest of the series are a little disappointing and are extremely upset. The slopes are generally cliched and just add to the fatigue. And although the screenplay attempts to catch attention, the fractured setup doesn’t let it shine.

In all, the series is a sluggish, too-dramatic watch, as well as a job that has a conviction-ridden job from actors and writers. The leopard that devours the most common reason for this like-minded tale, is one part of his character.

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Final thoughts are far from home.

The still is coming from Far from home.

The show is not very hard at the most, and therefore, carries some pressure. The first episode of the series is not an accident, it would be impossible to prevent the rest of the action.

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