Touchscreens: Get the most out of your Xbox and Game Pass

Game News Nacon Controllers: Get the most out of your Xbox and Game Pass Ultimate Published 12/16/2022 at 2:23 p.m. Sponsored by Nacon_EN By the end of the year, Xbox and Game Pass fans will be treated to controllers. Nacon has prepared some gift ideas to make you a little bit about or get to the top of your list.

The full range of gaming products you own includes the Xbox and Game Pass.

Published on 12/12/2022 at 20:23 o’clock.

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Xbox Series and Xbox Game Pass fans will be treated to controllers by the end of the year. Nacon has prepared gifts that would be great for you or to roll under the tree.

New name of NACON/MOV controllers in the end of the year.

At the end of the year, NACON will release two new urban and forest camouflage colors for its High-end Revolution X Pro controller. It’s perfect for games that wish you luck. To play football with every weapon and win all the games.

Using multiple customization options, you can play. This controller is adaptable to your needs, from point of view to general ergonomics. The Revolution X Pro has a full pocket arsenal in your service on Xbox X/S, Xbox One and PC.

The Revolution X Adaptor provides you the opportunity to adapt the following elements.

  • Joysticks are concave or convex.
  • Joysticks: amplitude, sensitivity, dead zone.
  • Trigger: amplitude, adjustable sensitivity, 2 haptic vibration motors, magnetic hall effect for maximum durability.
  • Heaving weights for perfect balance and grip.
  • There are full customizations of the buttons, wifi, directional cross, etc.
  • Dolby Atmos licensed sound 3D – Earling.
  • Players: four different profiles

The Revolution X isn’t the only one that has received new colors as NACON has unveiled 4 new colors for its Windows XP controllers. They are 15 % smaller than standard Xbox controllers and are all that comfortable.

This controller has no reputation. Apart from its cheap price, it also offers a wide variety of customization options, which make it the number one choice for gamers who are on the Xbox. This new color for RGB Colorlight, Pastel, Red and Blue allows players to get a color of their choice.

The convenience of cloud gaming on the iPhone.

A great announcement for Xbox 360 gamers who own a iPhone: Now available for the Android version, NACON offers the MG-X and MG-X Pro to play on the iPhone. A single month free access to Game Pass Ultimate will be provided while the supplies last.

Whether the product is available in stores since the last two of December, MG-X Pro is a real joystick. It’s the same that of a console with ergonomic handles that can easily be paired with your iPhone thanks to Bluetooth 5.0.

The MG-X is available from January 6, 2023 and has ergonomic handles with handle coating. The adjustable opening provides a strong pocket that can keep your iPhone up to 20 hours.

The new standard for arcade sticks is the new standard.

DAIJA is developed to support AppearEsports pro, Soul Calibur and Street Fighter champion, and is the foundation of versus fighting community. Since the eighteenth of November the new arcade stick was installed on Xbox Series X | with the release of PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox One, but also on PS4 and PS4. That series of improvements and features are sure to please fans of the fighting and arcade games.

The new DAIJA Arcade Stick offers:

  • The positionable buttons behind Sanwa are excellent; leaving a free place for the left wrist (e.g. easily interchangeable with Seimitsu).
  • This locking system is new. You may accidentally play the option button on the PlayStation version and with the Menu button, so that you can view, share, and play the Xbox.
  • A new LED indicates the selected game’s profile. When the profile is locked, it turns red.
  • A new LED display of the player’s position, as does the oscars of the NACON controllers for PS5 or Xbox.
  • The new system for opening the arcade sander fits perfectly into the housing.
  • The new coating under the arcade stick is more flexible, but grippy.
  • All the classic buttons of a console or a console are integrated into the Arcade Stick.
  • A textured palm rest.
  • A platform selector (PS4-/PS5-/PC-series and Xbox X|S/ PC-series) with platform selection system.
  • If desired, adjust the function of the jiff (left/right or directional pad).

We’re also on the arcade stick.

  • From them, a round (balltop) and a pear (battop) ball.
  • Three reasons in the search of this website. You can also make your own patterns using the template that is available on the website.
  • Three tools help to shape the different pieces and degrade them.
  • Two pots for tools, two storage compartments and one for the tools.
  • Safe storage for the wireless 3m USB-C cable.

In comparison to the Pro Compact, Revolution and Revolution X joysticks, change the layout of the buttons with the application accompanying the Daija, update the stick firmware and save up to 4 different profiles per platform (Xbox or PC) for each game.

To your presents!

All Nintendo controllers for Xbox and iPhone can be downloaded on the official website.