Twitch: This tilator is banned for fourteen days a very strange reason

The Twitch streaming platform is open for the first time. Any content creator who violates this is facing sanctions against the platform. This usually takes longer, thus [everybody] risk a more or less long term [everybody] experience.

News Culture Twitch: The streamer is banned for 14 days, and for a very strange reason.

The publication of the 12/16/2022 at 10 o’clock.

As all knows, there are rules for the Twitch streaming platform. If content creators violate this law, they face sanctions against the platform, which usually leads to a long ban. New York Times reported that the American singer Nadia Amine, who is now one of the first to remember Call of Duty, paid the price of one of her actions during a live session.


  • This call of duty streamer is caught cheating on a couple of his favorite shows in Twitch.
  • She explains how she treats people after receiving hate mail.

This shabby singer got caught for cheating on one of her Twitch viewers.

In every country in the world players excel in shooter games like Call of Duty. For example, in France, big names like Gotaga or CHOWH1 can be named, and other stars like KiGuNii, who recently became the best player of the Bonne Fortune map. Our neighbors across the Atlantic and we also have star stars like Nadia Amine who protect us as well as a reason for this article. Unfortunately, the latter recently learned that he must put aside his 2 and 2 Calls of Duty for one week for the first two weeks for that week for the precise sake of calling the standard.

Got banned for 14 days from twitch for sharing personal info? No matter what this means, it’s something you want. Cold

Nadia (Nadiaamine) December 15, 2022

Although she is exceptional in the American giants FPS, the streamer often singles out and is accused of cheating. However, she was never singled out by such facts, but her controversies never hurt her in her relationship with Activision, the company often offers her to attend special events to promote her with other streamers. In fact, her sanctioned yesterday reflects her attitude toward one of her cats. In fact, it was a practice of divulging information about users, such as their real name, address, occupation, or other public data that can publicly identify them by one of his viewers, with his ban of 14 days.

He reveals personal information after receiving hate mail.

During the incident, the streamer took to Twitter to confirm her 14 days ban from Twitch as well as the reason why he received this sanction. The streamer broke one of the rules of the Twitch platform, as it is since doxing is a practice that is equated to a form of online harassment. But then why did the streamer respond? Since her first appearance, Nadia Amine hasnt always caught the eye for the right reasons, and its complex case has brought her new controversy again, because if the streamer acted that way, its because viewers sent him a hate message.

As shown in the video above, Nadia Amine received a money donation and a hate message from one of her viewers. On Twitter, some members of his community are surprised by the sanctions, while others approve it, saying that toxic behavior against harassment is not the correct response. The platform and the latest information from GameRant has released, the streamers are now resuscended.