Watch the exclusive Deadclip. Michael Jai White-Led Action Film

ComingSoon is now making an exclusive release of The As Good as Dead, a new action film that was directed by Michael Jai White and released by ComingSoon. This movie is in theaters and is available digitally, right now and via video-on-demand. Bryant, a man with a mysterious past, moves to a small Mexican border-town to live [] "on] their journey.

This movie is film-only, and now available on video demand and digitally.

This man who has an amazing past moved to the rocky border to go through an entire Mexican city and live the whole life. He reluctantly befriends a troubled local teen who has recently lost his morning and is being recruited by a local street gang. To keep her on the very straight & narrow, Bryant takes her under his wing and introduces her to martial arts. As the story unfolds, we learn that Bryant is more complex, extroverted by the present. To save the child and get back to what he had remained behind in a struggle for life and death.

To kill the enemy is written by R. Ellis Frazier and directed by Michael Jai White. It stars Michael Jai White, Tom Berenger, and Louis Mandylor.