We have an online game, more adventures with Aloy and a mysterious project

We have recently digested the brutal adventure of Horizon Forbidden West and Guerrilla Games will not leave us alone. Aloys universe will take a giant leap, not only with the Burning Shores DLC and the Horizon Call of the Mountain for PSVR2, but also with other kinds of productions. And the Dutch are [.

We’ve recently realized the awful world of the original Olympic Games, Horizon Forbidden West, and the disastrous adventure of the Guerrilla Games won’t leave us alone. The Aloys universe will expand in a colossal way, not only with Burning and the Red River DLC and then with the Moon Call of the Mountain for PSVR2, but also with other types of productions.

And it’s a claim that the Dutch developer actually put out his plans in a job offer to many companies. Apart from the obvious confirmation that there’ll be more solo adventures for Aloy, it has been revealed that there’s an online version of the franchise. Despite the lack of details we will see, a new cast of characters and a classic look will be available.

The external team at Guerrilla Games is responsible for the development of the game. Everything appears to indicate that it is one of the many games that Sony has started for 2026. Don’t forget to do that, as there’s a third game.

We don’t have any information on that, but except that we’re talking about a project on the other side, and a studio is arranging the work on it. Maybe we are talking about rumored remake/remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn? They’re our only clues, but this is something. What’s certain is that the Burning Shores expansion will land on April 14 just for PS5.