Who’s Eywa, is she real and why’s she important?

The Way of the Water has just come out; oh boy! It's a good idea! Having gotten into contact with the world and the inhabitants, from amazing CGI to the enthralling story of being so accustomed to the ocean and being living as ever, Avatar: The Way of Water brought us back to the end. Who is Eywa? Is she real and why is she important? Read More

What are we all saying? From the incredible CGI to the endearing story of taking contact with nature, all of its living beings and yourself, Avatar: The Way of Water brought us back to 2009 when the first film came out and made us think about our relationship to one another and the nature surrounding us. The pivotal character of the Navi is Eywa. But who is he, is he so real?

To the Navi people and to all of the other creatures of Pandora, Eywa is a goddess that they worship, but it’s more than that. It’s a spirit that abounds all on Pandora. Whatever the gift of Pandora is, whether it be a tree or an entire massaamas, or anything simple like grass, everything breathes, thinks and connects itself, and is, in all other universes, the energy that has brought it to Pandora, is the energy that it is being used to; it is not a tree, a member of the Matacaya, or something that really is quite simple like the mud, it breathes, and reflects, and connects, so it connect

Do we know more about Eywa and a philosophical argument in sanity for an such a goddess? How do they pray to him and connect him, and how do we know that she is real and not a bogus tale passed on by generations? Here we will find out what I’ll tell you about Eywa in the rest of the story.

Eywa in a nutshell, isn’t the only one who claims to be a nut of a dollar.

One said that Eywa is the god of all living things on Pandora and that they respect and worship. The word that defines a goddess is that she is a spirit, all connected with life. She’s a great mother. Like many of us, she is often called, so she never ceases to amaze and give its gift to the people of Pandora.

In the Avatar 1, Jake Sully goes to the Hometree, in the clans village, to pray before fighting the sky-people. Neytiri hears his prayers and says that the Great Mother doesn’t work like that; she only wants to bring harmony in to life. As soon as the sky and ground squadron of the Navi people looked destroyed, the Ikran, Palulukan, and other animals have looked to defend the evil of the Sky People. Eywa heard Jakes prayers and demanded help.

Is Eywa real?

Eywa may have no physical body, and Eywa may not be able to speak, but Eywa is as real as you and me, though she speaks not through words, but through actions. You can also say that Eywa is the glue that matches everything on Pandora. If Eywa had a body, there would probably be a large core filled with the souls of the deceased, which, with the others still breathing, branched out the connections to the ones sitting on the ground of Pandora.

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Things in Pandora light up in the morning, especially when you contact it. The Navi people have star-like dots all over their bodies; The Tulkuns have stripes; the grass rises when you walk around. Those markings can show the neural pathways their all have that connect them.

Jake was called a virtuous outcast when he was first introduced because he didn’t know what the whole road was about. Navi people can connect and feel this connection to each other with a word as a spirit realm.

How do we know that she is woman?

First, Eywa is like a woman. But that won’t cut it when it comes to proof. Because of their fact that Eywa is the Great Mother or the All Mothers all, so that needs to cover the proof department, why is she female? How do they know?

Eywa is considered to be a woman because she is motherless. It’s all natural to see this in a female way. If we respected and took care of her more, she’d be more or less amazing to the Navi.

Why is Eywa so important?

Without Eywa, the physical connections between life and a person exist, but spiritual connections exist. You only take as much as you need and make sure you return the spirit of what you have taken to the Great Mother. Without the friendship between humanity and the heavenly soul, no respect would be lost. Those would destroy, like the Earth, the allies who took over the moon and destroyed Pandora.

The people of Eywa are never truly gone. They live in the complex neural pathways and return as memories. They are always there, they’re always listening, and they’re never really gone. If they do something, they make the system stable and stronger because electricity is only borrowed, so it is only a moment when we should give it back.

What does Eywa mean to Metkayina?

On Pandora, all the people of a tribe and a clan worship the same goddess. I just believe their interpretations are different because they love different people and things. From the Metkayina clan where Jake, Neytiri and their children sought refuge and learned their ways, their prime connection is all about water.

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That doesn’t mean they don’t respect other beings on Pandora, but the water reaches their inner house. When the water is around them, and in them, the sea takes, and the sea gives, and alluding to the balance of life that Eywa brings to Pandora.

Eywa has laws.

The Navi don’t believe that Eywa is there to punish them with natural disasters. They know these things aren’t their control, and never hold any grudge when they aren’t. People worship Eywa without giving thanks to their Lords and Saviors.

Each clan has a Tsahikee with the biggest connection to Eywa, and has the ability to communicate with her so that she can transfer her will. An sahik is intended to guide a clan but not as a leader, but rather as a translator to that desire. They can heal all things that contact Eywa and even convert consciousness into an outside body.

Eywa has three laws, but the guiding law is that Navi should protect the environment. As it is, the laws stipulate that you don’t set stone upon stone. Neither you nor the turn wheel will work. We don’t use metal in the ground. The laws are vague, but easy to interpret. The third law explains why the Navi didn’t want to move from Hometree to Alster in the first movie when Sky People were there to mine Unobtanium.

The first law says they don’t set stone upon stone. Although vague, we know that stone isn’t renewable, therefore the Navi should not construct with stone, only by renewable sources such as wood. The second law represents a direct reference to a piece of technology that marks the early development stages of technology in an intelligent species. In order to take the wheel, the Navi would have to build roads, which would damage nature.

There are many people who hate the Navi law, but do not use the same law to harvest metals. The mining of metal would cause an imbalance and could lead to an explosion in the mineral resources of Pandora. In order to protect the world, Eywa is a unique law, a direct reference to what humans used to destroy the dying planet.

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For humans, it is difficult to stop if they are headed by greed and money. Money is an individual’s worth, so the humans take on the land and the hunger is unforgivable based on wealth appoint, which gives them many advantages. We’ve already done much damage to destroy the planet, and its hard not to be returned from the damage already done.

We could learn something from Navi and their belief in Eywa. We could learn how to respect the environment and other species of our planet. We could learn about the dangers of overhunting innocent people and killing innocent people for money. We could learn to learn a little more and stop thinking that our intelligence would be our inevitable demise, if we don’t change anything right now.

We could learn that we are all connected, and to share our love with the unexpected humans. Avatar as a movie can only hope to bring together people. Nevertheless, if we have still a long way to get started, we should go by its best and start to realize that we’re not in this position, but rather to begin to find out whats wrong with our way and how we can change.