Why aren’t Aquas Barbie girls in the Barbie movie? The answer says a Lawsuit and Cheese

As much as critics and listeners liked Barbie when it came out, the toymaker Mattel wasn't impressed.

We first saw Margo Robbie as the eponymous fashion doll became the life of the teaser trailer for Greta Gerwigs Barbie. Apparently the movie would find that Barbie and Ken are caught in the grim real world and that they had to go wild on the track.

If not the Aquas Barbie Girl song goes on in the movie, is it worth the movie? You know, Barbie invites Ken to go inside her car and then things get over risk? I think this new movie has a natural sound, especially because Gerwigs will play Barbie almost as opulently as Aquas.

To begin, that classic song isn’t going to be included in the film, according to a speck.

What’s Barbie’s do?

For those who don’t know, Barbie Girl was a 1997 song by Danish/Norwegian pop group Aqua consisting of members Rene Dif, Lene Nystrm and Sren Rasted. The group rifed with Barbie dolls by toymaker Mattel, and wrote and performed a song in which Barbie tells Ken she can touch, undress and control her like a doll.

The song quickly became the UK Singles Recording Club. It was a bit of bubble gum pop that I couldn’t get out of my head, but it was a subversive quote on what Barbie stood for: a supposedly wholesome brand that was aimed at children, with the sexualized and unrealistic depiction of the female body also displayed.

Mattel wasn’t a fan of Barbie Girl.

As much as critics and listeners liked this song, Mattel wasn’t impressed. Six months after the songs release, Mattel sued MCA Records, saying that the song violated copyright and threatened Barbie with being portrayed as a sexual object. After the United States Supreme Court denied their case, it was finally dismissed, letting the court decide that the song was protected by the First Amendment and the law of fair use.

But is that the song that happens in the movie?

Aquas manager confirms that Barbie Girl isn’t going to appear in Barbie.

In April 2022, Ulrich Mller-Jrgensen, who manages Nystrm, told Variety the song isn’t going to be seen. While he declined to explain why Mattels film division is co-producing Barbie, Variety noted that the feud between Aqua and Mattel could play an important role in Mattels decision to not use the song.

Yet more recently, Nystrm told Variety that the song would be like cheese on cheesethat is quite obvious a choice. Nystrm continued to say that I really know why they didn’t use it. But it will bring us attention a lot no matter what. I haven’t listened to Barbiegirl in twenty years, but now that’s my workout playlist.

Even if we didn’t enjoy the song and the movie on one hot-pink platter, we can still see the whole story individually. Barbie Girl is widely available online on CD and streaming, and is a great addition to the popular Barbie party on the 21st of July.

(As shown: Tom/Mattel)