Why Do All Being on Pandora Have Queue Tails?

The braid in the back of a head of an ocean is necessary to understand this species. The most precious part of their body is sacred to a Navi. Why is that, and what is that tail doing? Even though the movie isn't mentioned, it may be true. Why does everyone on Pandora answer questions? Explained Read More

The braid on the back of a navigator head is crucial to understanding this species. As a Navi, it’s sacred to him and the most beloved part of his body. Why is that? And what does that tail do? Though it is not mentioned in the movies, the tail is called a queue. However, the Navi do not have it. Why does anybody on Pandora have a queue?

A Navi and any other creature on Pandora is being queued so they can connect. It gives them direct access to the neural pathways where the whole world’s bound is abound. All of the living things of Pandora can become spiritually connected through the queue. It’s not known why they have it, but it may have been quite the intention of Eywa to create all of the inhabitants of Pandora so they could meet up.

Pandora is as hard as physics, so a simple answer isn’t enough if we’re going to understand the queue of Navi and Eywa. Just dig deeper and find out what kind of ecosystem the Earth of Pandora is and what it is called the queue in all of the world.

Grace Augustine mentions in one of the movies first scenes that there are more neural pathways in Pandora than in brain. It doesn’t seem very common considering that Pandora is the entire planet, so human brains only have 300 million cubic centimeters. In fact, a brain has 1,000 neural pathways, while Pandora has even more.

Pandora sounds technically accurate, but it doesn’t matter if it’s all right. The inhabitants of Pandora are very spiritual. They all worship the Grand Master or Eywa, like they call them. Eywa is perhaps the living and breathing entity. Even though the entire of Pandora is one big brain, it makes every other member of the Pandora family a part of Eywa.

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Is the tie to the table wearing a braid?

Think of a queue as a tail which grows from the head with a tail that has a neural whip and protective casing. During the first movie, we only heard that the waiting was hair. In the second film, Avatar sees a newborn girl with no hairs and a big tail! As long as there’s no hair enlargement yet, the queue is visible, and its obvious that its like a tail. That’s why it’s so terrible to hurt somebody when they pull it up.

For one to answer the question, the queue is no hair, shape or shape. Only this hair is able to grow up and hide what it’s usually looking like. The Navi used the braid to protect a queue and to nourish the braid while they stay in touch. A protective layer is opened when a member of the Navi queues and decides to connect to another, like Pandora, who has also the queue. The neural whip eventually connects.

How do you get a connection?

Members of the Navi like to use the term I saw a lot. It has a meaning of a long term incomprehensible to an ordinary person. I see that you’re an expression of respect and love and whereas each member of the Navi approach that brings an expression of respect and love to the same. The students dilate and the two beings almost become one; Think of them as symbiosis. Meanwhile, both members of the connection share their thoughts, see their memory, and become bonded.

No bonding of queues is the same, though. For example, when waiting is a bond created by an Ikran, where the pygma and the ikran dwell on the equestrian acquiesca use to fly, the bond runs on an equestrian lifetime. When a German takes his name, then he recollections his name. An Ikran won’t allow a connection and instead will try to kill his potential rider. The bond is sealed after the first flight.

How does that Navi play?

Ignoring the idea of mating as a sacred journey for people and souls, it’s natural to assume that the Navi was able to mate even with the waiting mates. The Navi are naturally monogamous and mate for life. The friendship between participants is sacred and has to be taken lightly.

It is called to connect these neural pathways between all creatures, not just your friends, so the name is Tsaheylu and signifies that we have a bond. Tsaheylu lets participants connect mentally and share information.

What does the queue mean to the Navi?

The queue is the biggest part of a Navis identity. If someone cut the Navis queue off, it would be worse than death. This is because those members couldn’t connect to Pandora ever again, they couldn’t pray to Eywa, and the network that connects everybody with Pandora wouldn’t give up.

Death is part of the universe, and the Navi believe everything is borrowed. So, after all the efforts, we will have to return it. That means no death that affects the Navi, but only because they accept it and welcome it at both ends because they never truly die. They return in Eywa, and they’re returning, and their memories live on their web pages.

What was learned by Tulkuns about the queue?

The Tukun has an internal queue, so that a Tukun mate should enter the Tukun mouth and join the Tukun queue. When Loak is doing that with Payakan, they are formed by two bonds, the trust and the bond with their queues. Once you get together with a Tulkun, you’ll be a member of the community. That is what the Metkayin tribe likes. The Metikaya tribe sees that youre one of the people once you’re joining your Ikran and take a first flight.

Tulkuns belong to the Metkayins spiritual brothers and sisters. They share stories of happiness and sadness when they meet again once the Tulkuns migrate. When Loak and the outcast Tulkun Payakan meet, Tulkun shows his memories. Once you’ve made the connection, it looks like this happens to all Navis and that’s when their pupils dilate.