You can earn weapons at the weekend like never before

Double XP isn't necessarily a double digit fun, but it doesn't hurt either. If you want your favorite weapons to get to the desired level, it may take a lot of time in the CoD Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. If time is too valuable for you, then you should be careful now: This week you can get [| into the weekend].

Double XP is unlikely to be twice as fun as a simple affair.

Moving your favorite weapons to the desired level can take a lot of time in the era of COD Warzone 2 and modern warfare 2. If time is too valuable for you, then you should be careful now. This weekend, you can lift your shooting irons twice faster, especially now.

The following guide allows us to really learn about XP production.

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CoD Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Modern Warfare 2 are the same as Modern Warfare and Warzone.

This is how you level your weapons quickly and funly to the most basic level.

All of the information about the event is from the inside out.

Start: PlayStation players got the extra XP since December 14th. The event has been running on all platforms since December 15th.

On Monday, December 19th, it’s 10 p.m., it’s going to be over again on all platforms.

Double XP? You get the XP boost as well as your account ranking. However, the Battle Pass isn’t affected.

The reason for the increase in the XP has been the start of Season One reload on December 14th. This is the upcoming season-long patch for MW2 and Warzone 2. Besides modern war, one more is free all weekend. Don’t be surprised when you’re meeting a few inexperienced opponents. Read about the rest of the free games this weekend.

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Free on Steam & Epic.

At the weekend there are six cool games that are free.

What’s in Season 1 Reloaded?

The big update has some innovations, the popular map shipment returns, but it’s different than usual. In addition to unlocking two new operator, the assault rifle called Chimera was taken into the game and the first raid is here. Here’s a complete summary of the information:

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CoD Warzone 2 & MW2 & Co.

Everything in the first half of the season was reloaded.

When you are looking for general tips for both MW2 and Warzone 2, you have come right to the right place: Provide guide to the best landing spots in Warzone 2, best weapons, best weapons to all operators, and many more. The guide is available here.

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