Adam Rodriguez will be a star in winter spring, fall or winter in the park or winter in the winter

MPCAs Winter Spring / Fall with Jenna Ortega added criminal Minds Adam Rodriguez to their cast. This film stars two teens, Ortega and Percy Hynes White, who are nearing adulthood, and who meet each other and fall in love for two significant days of the year. Rodriguez is set to play his father, Ortegas. Tiffany Paulsen is going to [] get me started.

The MPCA Winter Springtime or Fall brings Jenna Ortega to its cast, adding Criminal Minds Adam Rodriguez.

The film follows two children, Ortega and Percy Hynes White, who are near adulthood and resent themselves over two big days of the year. Rodriguez will play his father Ortegas. Tiffany Paulsen will become director, along with Ortega, who oversees the project. PGCAs Brad Krevoy, Josh Shader and David Wulf are producing along with a pair of Shader of Wall Fly and the Shader.

When Rodriguez was born, he was portrayed in the thriller Criminal Minds: Evolution. He returned to the crime scene in the first season of the movie The World Games. Next, he stars in The Leah McKendricks comedy Scrambled with an ensemble cast that includes Ego Nwodim, Andrew Santino and Clancy Brown for Lionsgate.

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