Bardo Truese Chronicle of the Handful of Truths And Then Explained: What Happens to Silverio, Is all your memory worth His money?

Bardo Truese Chronicle of a Handful of Truths Ending Explained gives you the answer to everything that happens in this movie.

Bardo False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths is a black comedy-drama film, directed and rewritten by Alejandro G. Inarritu and Nicolas Giacobone. This follows an acclaimed journalist and documentarian who goes on an epic introspective journey to reconcile with the past, the present and his identity.

The actor in this film is Daniel Gimenez Cacho as Silverio, Diego Tello de Meneses, Griselda Siciliani as Lucia Gama, Ximena Lamadrid as Lucia Gama, Iker Sanchez Solano as Lorenzo Gama, Jay O. Sanders as President Jones, Andres Almeida as King, Ruben Zamora, Mar Carrera as Lucero, Marco Guajardo as Guy, Damuzi as Antonio

Bardo’s “Fire” is a sinful book that promises truths in Ending Expenditured.

The journey of Silverio, a renowned Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles, has a resurgence to return to his native country. He hasn’t realized this simple trip will push him to an existential limit. He is grappling with universally but intimate questions about identity, success, mortality, the history of Mexico and his deeply emotional familial bonds with his wife and children.

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Within a few minutes of the film, we see the particular scene of childbirth where the baby was taken back into the womb. This film is almost as surreal and whimsical. What it really represents is loss of the first child’s daughter Mateo within 30 hours of his birth, but they won’t be able to recover from this loss because they keep the ashes in the box.

Silverio Gama thinks that he receives the award only to relieve tensions between the US and Mexico (inflamed by negative perceptions of U.S.-Mexico migration and Amazons attempts to buy Baja California in Mexico). He feels like an imposter who doesn’t belong anywhere in the world. It makes him cancel the appearance of a talk show because he fears people will question his national pride and priority.

True story that frank out The Handful of Truths, by Bardo, but still has been interpreted.

He’s completely forgiven for emigrating to the US where so many other Mexicans cannot leave, which was shown in his documentary, for which he won a prize. Even after he reunites his siblings and extended family at a party in honour of his honour, he is always angry and embarrassed. His family made them happy with his passion for leaving their country and his artistic work.

After having a fight with the talkshow host, Silverio flees into the restroom with his father and mother having imagined reconciliations. It was then that he came to visit his mother where, in the middle of the apartment, symbolic representations of historic atrocities in Mexico lie in front. A number of people protesting the death of these kidnapped or murdered by organized crime collapsed in a commercial district, and Hernan Cortes is sitting up on the wall of a pile of corpses in the Zocalo, presenting a lecture about the indigenous genocide of the indigenous People.

Before heading back to Los Angeles, Silverio and his family spend some time in California in Baja just as Amazon buys the state. Here we see a strong familial ties as he improves his understanding of daughter Camila, and then they finally decide to spread the Martos’ ashes over the ocean and let them die of the clings they had carried. Before leaving for the US, a customs official treated him with contempt.

Even in Bardo truesity is another crook of truth.

His son, Lorenzo, reveals how his beloved axolotls died in the wild, when they moved to the US and where he was driven by immigration, and with the help of the officer telling him that the US isn’t his home, even if he has lived here for 15 years. It is real in fact the fear of a second day he will be disowned by both places, leaving him without an easy place to call home.

After coming back to LA he decided to buy axolotls for Lorenzo and, on the LA Metro ride, also from the pet store which was shown at the end of the film we finally realized what happened. Silverio has a violent stroke, leaving him paralysed and he is obliterate.

We observe that Camila accepts the award in Silverios absence, and he and his other family members and friends are sitting at the front of the bed, holding conversations and playing TV, etc. Here we realise that the film has been re-created with memories of Silverio, he played in his head and all around him in real time, disrupting his brain, as well.

It was a film, Silverio filming the frightening of the desert, so it was not clear if he died later or was on the way to his eternal life. Yet for most of the time, it can be interpreted as his passing, the very fact that his flying shadow didn’t land.

Bardo False Chronicle of a Handful of Truth is currently streaming on Netflix.

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