Blue Lock team X, which team does it get better than this team’s best?

We saw a match between Team Z and Team X in the episode 3. What's going to happen next in the upcoming episodes? The match is intense, and we have to look at it. Blue Lock Team Z and Team X: Which team is better than a Team and will win? Read More

In the first episode of Blue Lock, we have seen how a match between Team Z and Team X played out. What’s happening next in the next episode? The second and first match was intense, and the teams will look at the start of their first contest. Where are their strengths and weaknesses? Final, we will ask if Team Z will win against team X and which is better.

We can certainly say that in their first match with Team X Team Z lost, and by looking at their results Team X is a better team. It makes me think of things very interesting if we try to compare how things would’ve played out now if team Z has better learned how to work as a team. Because of the current rule of Blue Lock competition, the player who has scored the most goals can continue competing even though his team didn’t win the games. It’s where we could argue Team Z is stronger because it drew us to continue competing as a team and Team X didn’t move forward in the competition.

Stay with us for a while so you can find out more about both teams.

Strength: Kunigami vs Shohei Baro.

Team X played a first match with Team Z, and the first one was the challenge. They had to figure out how to work together when they are chasing the spotlight at the same time. Everyone has the same goal, to win the Blue Lock competition and to become the world’s best striker.

Isagi was the group’s tactician, he didn’t know it was his strength. In real time we’re watching their growth as teams, but Isagi’s path to discovering his talent is as a result. Since everyone wanted to win for themselves, trying to score goals for themselves, Team Z fell apart early in the game.

At the beginning, everybody was in chaos, and teammates were turning against each other and nothing progressed in the game. Shohei Baro gave his team a pass to the team and scored the first goal. That made everyone realize that they won’t soon lose to one another.

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Something, that Isagi noticed immediately after the first goal by Baro, had his teammates stopped fighting and started to follow Baros lead. If you switch focus to Baro and Kunigami, we can definitely say that both of them are a huge power in short shots. If they were to fight each other, there might be a tie, with maybe Baro winning.

Just because Baro knew his strength, even in the first match, and since then he has been honing it. Since Kunigami was focusing on his long-range shooting training, he just recently moved into the next stage.

Speed: Chigiri versus Shohei Baro.

From what we have seen this past year, Baro has enormous talents and is the one who is holding his group together, so they have to rethink his competition. He is definitely in the category of a particularly talented player because his strengths aren’t confined to one area.

That said, as were Isagi and the rest of the team, still figuring out their strengths in the match with Team X. Chigiri was only beginning to overcome his fears, because of that time he was trying to cover for himself. He apologizes for his lack of trust in his teammates.

Having chosen a positions which don’t fit her, ended up gaining knowledge and a lot of confidence. If he weren’t in the middle of football, that would be a completely different game for him. We can definitely say that even if Baro is quite fast, Chigiri would easily win in this field.

Tactics: Isagi vs Shohei Baro?

Isagi has the gift when it comes to the analysis of opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. Since it is less about spacial awareness, after two attempts he can predict where the team could be to score. Shohei, on the other hand, has the brutal force, and we have seen, at least from their initial match, that he’s a calculating person.

He believes in his strength and speed, and his tactic is to arrive where he would score against the other teams. Upon being surrounded by Z, the ball, he passed his other team to win.

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At the end of the pass was something that further helped the team get together and try to work together without trying to succeed. Having just got closer to where Shohei was, he would likely say that this would be the reaction of anyone who wants to win the game.

As for the game itself, Isagi is definitely the best in the tactics area. If they would be able to defend a rival now, Isagi would be very likely to win in that field. We can, as usual, see who won the award from Episode 3 of the series and who was Team X. Even if they were to be in the face of each other, they would result in a different result. The final fact that baros team didn’t move to the next phase of the competition, it was only his own fault that he had long scored over the course of the competition.