Blue Lock Team Z versus Team V: Which Team will be better and better?

Before you go through Blue Lock, you'll be able to find out what happened. We will resume the game on the cliffhanger last Saturday. Episode 10 played a game changer. The unpredictable events followed the action of a kid and a woman. Blue Lock team Z vs team V: Which team will win? Read More

Before you watch the new episode of Blue Lock, I’ll be able to see what happened. We will recap the game that ended on a cliffhanger last Saturday. Episode 10 had almost no surprises at all, and the unpredictable events that followed that storm led us to the edge of our seats. Let’s see, between Team Z and Team V, which is the best team and who will win in the end.

If you compare the two teams, you can definitely say Team Z even if they lack one player yet have more players that shine throughout the game. Team V has three key players, Nagi, Reo and Zantetsu, while Team Z has Isagi, Bachira, Chigiri, Kunigami, and Gagamaru, who all play well together.

Maybe one team member is the one who can save a game, but overall his team has more talent, spread across key positions. Team V wholly trusts their three strongest members but they don’t seem to use the rest just as a stepping stone and not for their potential strengths. Finals, Team Z wins and then they’ll continue to play in the competition.

To find out how the game played out throughout the show and what each member’s strengths are, stick with us and read.

Sickness: Chigiri vs Zantetsu!

This match that we’ve been following will decide whether Team Z can continue to compete in this competition. In episode 10 the fight was intense. As time passed, Team Z could equalize the score.

Very early on, we noticed that Zantetsu and Chigiri will be converged. Both of them have the same strength and speed. As we’ve seen previously, Chigiri was in the grip of a neurological crisis. In one of his matches, he broke the ankle and almost lost his potential career overnight.

We could argue that if Chigiri hadn’t passed his mental block and put his faith back into his abilities, they wouldn’t have won the game. It will make sense to watch this match as well as to compare this. When you compare the two aspiring strikers, Zantetsu has an explosive speed that’s much faster than Chigiris. Chigiri, however, has stronger speed over time, and while Zantetsu is initially faster by the end of the day, Chigiri can pass him fast.

Gomaru and Kunigami were both strong.

In this category, where Z wins again, there are no other contenders on Team V who can face off with these two. Not that Nagi couldn’t walk around them, but he is too focused on Reo who gives him orders on where to move next and what to do.

It’s a very hard battle that Team V is facing in its own way, and they’re very strong players but when they don’t count on the rest of the team, their game gets split. When I’m in Team Z, Isagi is constantly working on different tactics to dismantle Team Vs plan. They finally managed to do their plan.

Gogagamaru and Kunigami are the two best men. Gagamaru, too tall, is really tall and can make the ball not go into the target when you get close. Kunigami on the other hand can easily score from that distance, and once he is set in the right place, usually eight meters from the goal, he can easily score. Something de discovered in the game with Team V is that he can score even faster.

Intelligence : Isagi versus Reo.

Another category where Team Z dominated. Reo is a player who understands what’s going on the field and how to use it to their advantage. From the moment they played with Team Z he hadn’t encountered a player who has talents in spacial awareness and predicting movements before seeing them play out in action.

When Reo met Nagi, he actually stumbled upon his role. Both of them went to the same school, and when he dropped his ball accidentally, Nagi caught it so close he couldn’t see it until now. Nagi didn’t want to participate in anything that required him to do. This motivated Reo to try and convince Nagi to play for his team.

Even though he is a role of the man who looks over the field, Isagi finally finds out in the match that his special ability was all along. When he realized that, and when he saw all of Reos plays against them, he could take it and predict what their next move will be.

People of special abilities: Nagi vs Bachira.

We have both Nagi and Bachira. They have good quality and they are good at some things so they’re happy. They’re definitely in the category of players who didn’t have to work very much to improve their ability and in a very short time to master them. While they’re still young, their abilities are very good.

Nagi is fast, stronger, and intelligent, like Bachira. All these elements we’ve mentioned so far, now imagine them together into one single. Of unbelievable abilities on the field, they can lead the game without any hesitation. If they’d gone head-to-head, we can’t imagine who would be the winner. This is where teams decided to select their own teams in their match against Team Z, as with Nagi as their element of surprise, he gets one of the two opening players in this match.