BTS RM was a saint on the Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge; Teases New Updates

This article features the dictionary of useless knowledge episode 4 featuring BTS RM.

Rebuting the varieties show as one of the PCs and launching the second episode of The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge, this week, the BTS RM will come back on the 4th episode. The official Twitter page posted the news as teaser for the next episode with the caption, in which case Namjoon turned out to be a saint. Next week EP.4 Wait a little.

The Director was accompanied by Kim Jong-Juni, the novelist Kim Young-ha and the physicist Kim Sang-wook on the show where they discuss a wide range of topics related to literature, astronomy, medicine and more. Forensic scientist and professor Lee Ho and astronomer Dr. Shim Chae-kyung also join us to discover their expertise on the matter.

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His wife was at the time of the show, called Problematic Men earlier, and saw his motivation, as a person of the hour, and even when he watched his performance show. He saw the chance to demonstrate his linguistic and mathematical genius and leave the other people in awe of his abilities. The Dictionary of useless knowledge was started broadcasting December 22, 2022. Since then, Kim Namjoon has also taken netizens and other panelists on the show by storm with his wordplays often tickle their funny bones.

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In a recent interview, c.d. the third, Namjoon had no hesitation in fawning for Chung Seo-kyung, a screenwriter responsible for making up significant Korean scenes as she entered the show, which was named after Little Women and Decision To Leave. He was asked for the personal opinion of her on the various melodramatic techniques used in her kdramas.

BTS_official (@bts_bighit) December 16-2022.

The fans of the septet will miss these episodes, and either wait every week to see the progress of their beloved group leader or acquire some wisdom and value while and providing insight to them all while also increasing their horizons of thinking.

Watch the Dictionary of Useless Knowledge Episode 3 – RTBB.

You can watch all the episodes here.

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