Did the good reviews of Victoria 3 have merited the bad reviews?

The royal eye can see what happens to Victoria 3 as a disappointment? link to Podcast Content With only 66 percent positive Steam rating, Victoria 3 stands when we record this podcast. This isn't a total disaster, but it's still short of 82 points we gave the game Paradox strategy in GameStar [].

The lion can twitch: is Victoria 3 really a disappointment?

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Since the podcasts only have 65 percent success, Victoria 3, which is the highest rating on Steam. That’s not a total disaster, but, there’s still plenty of information to be taken, the 82 points we gave the Paradox strategy game in the GameStar test.

In GameStar podcast, Micha talks to Maurice and Steinwallen about where the complaints about Victoria 3 are coming from and what the game is a really good game.

The two are namely very different perspectives. While Steinwallen on Youtube and Twitch also played other Paradox heavyweights like Europa Universalis 4 is our In-house Twitch-Furst Maurice only dived into Paradox offering with Crusaders 3.

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And Victoria is a very different game from Crusader Kings 3. While the medieval simulator keeps spitting out new, bizarre stories – all of which follow it -, the 3rd Victoria is notorious for its occurrences, not – it has dry numbers, values and tables.

It isn’t so much: Victoria three does impress by the sophisticated interactions between politics and business. Every strategy game can tell us the story of the XX and the XXth century. Oh what, in no other game.

Paradoxally, many mechanics still have difficult issues. If we were angry, and we only think we were to say that when we put a magnifying glass on Victoria 3, we find something that doesn’t fit into it perfectly.

From time to time, the indirect military system which Micha and Steinwallen differ, by the way, and continues to separate economic systems that play no different game.

What then keeps we going to start the new game in Victor three with Texas, with Japan, with Mecklenburg? And what should Paradox work on in order to improve that game in general?

We discuss this in the podcast.

There’s a short route that we will discuss here, namely Paradox and the Paradox roadmap.

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