First-ever, analysis of the Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

It was a complete lifetime since the birth of the game. Since the first ever installment of Final Fantasy crisis, my opinion was that the franchise wouldn't be a new place. Nomadi everywhere, inconsistencies and a bloody loss of identity. And it's all fun because Crisis Core It [] is pretty much nothing.

That’s one of the best Final Fantasy games since it was born! I’m disappointed when I heard that after Final Fantasy Crisis Core emerged what I thought was the decline of the franchise. People everywhere, with inconsistencies and a bloody loss of a name, that is so great.

And it’s all fun because Crisis Core It was a game for laptops. He is wrong about big budget games. The original version is for the now defunct Sony PSP. In spite of what the Japanese make up around Final Fantasy VII, the realisation of that is a little more context. And also earn one hundred dollars on the way.

If it were In the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, you might play Zack Fair, who was the first soldier that was based on the belief that Cloud would take inspiration from years later for his personality change. He experienced one of the best characters of Final Fantasy VII, but in Crisis Core it developed to experience one of the greatest in our universe. If there’s something that the game has done well, it’s exploiting the hardware limitations of the era, but on character progression. And yes, Zack’s story was worth telling.

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We analyse the work done by this remaster in this house. If I have a much old game and land the first time on Xbox, I would probably get that used to the plot. Don’t spoil games 15 years late, its complicated, you’ll forgive me if I go for one.

The story of Crisis Core, now Reunion, explains the events that forced Sephiroth to lose his mind and discover his past. The common thread is supported by two new characters that will give more context to Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal, the first Soldier to undergo the experiments before being applied to our legendary villain. As they explain what those failed events were, well look at Shinras declining in Zack Fairs eyes.

Sure, the game is loaded with nods to Final Fantasy VII. It really weaves in some story gaps like Aerith’s supposed boyfriend, war and fall with Wutai and more. The plot is very good as it is obviously limited to the Final Fantasy VII universe.

We’re getting started. Material is never better said. We are facing a newcomer that uses all of the best practices that one imagines. This game was not limited to downloading resolution and fps. They focused on many important issues and were able to use the Unreal Engine as the launching pad of a new and better lighting system.

I know I repeat myself better than garlic, but I talked about that game for a portable console. So basically they had to do everything from scratch. From modelling to textures. The floors and walls of buildings now become much more realistic thanks to the new graphics engine.

With these two years of operation, load times have improved; and there are also improvements in framerate and detail, which have a noticeable impact on gameplay. And, for sure, this isn’t a turn-based game, and games combat system is all about pressing buttons, so it was important that something polished.

You’re going to take advantage of OMD.

Perhaps there is the earliest apparent finding that this is an old game. That, even though it has been increased, the compression defects and artifacts are still visible. That’s something logical, because they got to transform a game with the 480 x 272 pixels resolution from 3840 x 2160 pixels. And that it isn’t miraculous for more magic than video editing and AI.

The cutscenes that display the best are almost always the ones that run with the game engine. The remaster’s team worked on all of the facial animation and expressions to make them look better than ever. While these expressions are intended to be precise, they’re now more realistic.

It underwent a new sound. The sound has been re-edited and the effects of the sound are improved, compared to the original voice acting. This game has an excellent soundtrack, but it does not match the unique name of the new era. Takeharu Ishimoto has a more than good job.


Crisis Core Final Fantasy is a very different style of game than Final Fantasy VII. It’s the first game in the franchise to pull off the turn and focus on the action. The rest of the franchises combat systems grew out of the game, including Final Fantasy XVs and more than an abandoned system. You are fighting with real-time combos and in combination with materials you can play magic or have states during the fight.

I love his continued respect for the subject. This is the design of Final Fantasy VII. It’s fun to get rid of your own fighters, get them upgraded or even destroy them. Although the idea is to say something, it is actually changed. In this game, you can’t summon at all because it uses a system called OMD, basically a roulette wheel, which allows randomness to summons and limits. Once you use them and as new OMD frames you’ll unlock, the stronger attacks Zack can do.

The subject is still well-established 15 years later. I’m sharing.

In addition to combat, you have an exciting adventure to play through, albeit if it be difficult given the limitations of the original machine. There are no large areas available for exploration, and there aren’t conversations with characters that will come into the same direction. Of course, side missions are not side missions; their ability is to locate their enemies and bury them in small settings and clearing areas. You’re really boring and useless. I wouldn’t do anything if you wanted to learn or unlock the OMD framework.

There will be a Japanese role-playing title. The potion shops offer plenty of options, a strong story component and a character menu where you can sell everything to boost stats.


Since the original work was respected, the length is exactly the same. Don’t expect to see any cutscenes or additional missions. You can wager on 18 hours for the plot, but at 30 hours with everything finished. You can’t play it. You can’t see anything else in this game.

Achievements are quite fun, don’t you? If this is an incentive for you, there’s a good chance you won’t get them all in the first game, and that’s basically because there’s events you can miss if you’re not careful.


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a tribute to what we could expect. The game was great, but got revived, with care and respect. If you assume that under all that sheet metal and paint is a game for PSP, youre going to enjoy it like a little kid. Every sore spot the game touches, and the way it turns out the loose detail goes directly to the hearts of the lovers of the manga art lovers.

Next, Square Enix takes his roots seriously and gives him the respect a protagonist like Zack Fair deserves, one of the best creations in the world. I never thought I would say this, but able to play this game on Xbox is a dream.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Reunion is a masterclass in remastering, greatly improving every aspect of the original game without changing its essence. Love it!

For all this, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII La Reunion is the best JRPG in the Xbox catalog. If you like to enjoy the genre, it is an unlikely gift.

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  • There are the best stories in Final Fantasy.
  • This is a great remaster.
  • The subject matter system.
  • Animation and lighting.
  • Addictive game.

  • The secondaries are pretty artificial.
  • There’s still a better PSP game.

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