Has Nejire Hado Died in My Hero’s Academia?

One of the characters that we know is important to my Hero Academia, is Nejire Hado, who is a member of the Big Three of UA High School and is the member of the biggest student group in the class. You were an expert in that area. Did Nejire Hado die in The Hero Academia? Read More

We know the characters that contribute to my Hero Academia. Nejire Hado is one of the three Big Three of UA High School and is a member of the strongest student-study group of students in this institution. In that regard, she was one of the students involved in the raid on the paranormal police bases but was rather one of the heroes who tried to protect civils. When she was attacked by Dabi, she tried to defend the Villains. So, did Nejire Hado die in My Hero Academia?

Nejire Hado is alive. Despite being hit by Dabis Blueflame Quirk in episode 12 of my Hero Academia, Nejire Hado survived the attack and continued fighting the league of Villains and the high-end Nomus that arrived. But her hair got shorter after the arc burned by Dabi.

With a good laugh from the Dabis flame, Nejire survived his attack because she didn’t quite understand her and loved him, was he who fired his flames at him? She still is alive but is still recovering after the Dabis attack. For now let’s look at what happened to Nejire Hado at the latest episode of My Hero’s Academia.

What happened To Nejire Hado In My Hero’s Academia?

Since she was introduced several seasons ago, Nejire Hado has been known for her cute appearance, her cheerful personality and Quirk. She became a big scholar of UA High School because she has a strong Quirk and strong intellect. That means she is one of the strongest students in the school, and is ranked somewhere behind Mirio Togata.

Of course, because she was one of the largest three and the youngest of her children, she was consistently working with pro-heroes in their efforts against different villains that threatened the nation’s peace. Why did she take part in the fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front during the Paranormal Liberation War arc, which focuses on the ambush attack from the pro heroes after receiving intel from Hawks.

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The UA students mostly supported them from where the action was supposed to be. Nejire, the one of the big three, was one of the students who worked hard on the mission. Due to its Quirk type, which means she can fly and quickly move from one place to the other, Nejire helped in the evacuation efforts to secure the civilians from possible danger from the attacks on the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Despite the loss of a famous kerry from Japan, a great tavern was destroyed in a wave of Decay that spread across the city. In that regard, her ability to fly and use her Wave Motion Quirk to make other people fly allowed her to be very useful in protecting civilians against Decay’s effects.

But when Gigantomachia made its way to Shigaraki while carrying the League of Villains on his back, Nejire and Tenya Ida waited for the site of the fight against Shigaraki to help the pro-heroes. Because she was helping out the Shigaraki attack just as Gigantomachia showed up, the powerful villain was knocked unconscious by Nejire and Shoto Todoroki attempting to finish him off.

Unfortunately after he admitted the existence of Toya Todoroki all along, a fight between the Villains and the heroes began. Of course Endeavor was frozen by the revelation that his eldest son had always been alive. Sooner scolder arrived to immobilize Gigantomachia with his threads and the League of Villains.

Spinner tried to awaken Shigaraki while they were still bound by Best Jeanist threads. Knowing that the members of the Villains, except Dabi, were left wide open, Nejire attempted to attack Spinner and Shigaraki so that she could prevent the powerful villain from waking up to give orders to Gigantomachia.

Dabis Blueflame Quirk burned Nejire, after his occurrence was that he could take the Best Jeanists for a long time. The man, Adam, laughed while telling Endeavor that another young hero was once again burned because of his faults.

Did Nejire die?

It was clear that Nejire Hado was burned as she fell from the sky, but Tenya Ida was there to catch her. She was clearly unconscious after the flames hit her. Yet did Nejire die?

Even though Nejire was burned by Blueflame and was left unconscious after the attack, she didn’t die from it. The flames of Dabis were not strong enough to kill her, she was not close enough to her flaming villain when she was hit by his Blueflame. He was left with only a few burns after the attack.

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After she collapsed when Dabi burned herself, Nejire came to action when Mirio Togata stepped on the scene to assist the heroes because he used his Permeation Quirk to get used. She’s coming from her close friend, but she regained her courage to fight even though Dabi was badly hurt. In fact, Nejires efforts were crucial in stopping the high-end Nomus that arrived in order to save Shigaraki from a renowned Jeanist Quirk.

In the manga, the effects of Dabis attacks on Nejire were evident. She can recover after her injuries as well but she got to cut her hair shorter as she burned a red hairsick. The good news is that there were no permanent injuries that prevented him from recovering to full capacity.