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In February, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will publish the Hogwarts Legacy film, a horror story, set in Harry Potter's world, misled by controversy. It's why.

(Warning: This article is a list of the transphobias and antisemitisms.

In February, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will publish a multiperson movie, Hogwarts Legacy, the open world sequel set in Harry Potter’s world. The game was announced in September 2020 and it’s been sparked by a political row since.

For one thing, the timing has stopped. In the past two years she has gotten more vocal about her hatred for trans people and that millions of Potter fans have asked for a total boycott of any official products that could put more money into her pocket.

She’s the owner of the IP, so she’s given as a royalties from the official Potter label–especially Hogwarts Legacy. The game doesn’t follow an article written by her, but its website clarifies that Portkey Games worked closely with her team in determining the development of the game, since it was entirely in the world she created. As the game is due to be released for a single price of 49 cents and $69.99 respectively, that can be a major change.

Rowlings hatred of trans people should be reason enough to avoid buying Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, it isn’t the only one in the world at hand.

What’s the controversy surrounding the Hogwarts’s legacy?

(Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

The game was filmed in the late 1800s, so the games players are going to be facing the same challenge as the Goblin rebellion, which is a revolving game and which are often referred to in Harry Potter’s series. In Hogwarts Legacy, goblins rebel against the wizards because they aren’t allowed to carry wands, and they depict themselves as the antagonists in that fight, the rebel leader even forced to confront dark wizards to achieve his dreams.

In the face of oppressed species being greedy for wanting to profit from their own evils and no one wants to be oppressed, it is indeed very gross. Since the goblins are depicted as hook-nosed, greedy bankers are used as a staple of anti-Jewish propaganda since the Middle Ages this plot seems terrible.

No matter how elegant the graphics are or how smooth the gameplay is, purchasing Hogwarts Legacy supports an existing generation of Jewish people’s caricatures in a rapidly evolving antisemitism era, a misfortuned woman whose hate against trans women even extends to ban them from a sexual violence help center.

The short answer is yes.

(featured image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

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