How to create a Poster for Spotify with your Favorite Artists

As soon as it starts to run, some streaming services such as Spotify make a compilation of the content you played the most on your account this year. There's an alternative to this butcherable outcome. The music company was called "TikTok" on Twitter and Youtube, but a Pesadilla de Spotify, and YouTube...

As the end of the year approaches, some streaming services like Spotify organize an entire list of the most interesting content you play on your account through the year. And there’s a method to achieve the same results and there’s no alternative.

[The music that exists in Spotify, YouTube, is a very active music player.

One of these models has been popularized on the net with the Spotify’s Most Streamed Content of the Year – an example of an Festival poster, and you can learn how to get your one.

In a good manner you can see those most reproduced works and share it on social networks, when this type of poster is already seen many times, then we can get the official recap of Spotify.

How to create a festival poster with your most popular artists on Spotify.


The free Android app.

Spotify dances at the end of the year that Spotify Wrapped, where you’re shown a favorite song all over the year! There are however external tools that could do things similar to that.

  • Create your poster on Instafest.

Instafest, if applicable, Turn your list of most listened artists on Spotify into a poster festival for a period of three days so you will see the artists you were listening to the most recently.

Also you can choose three different styles for the poster, Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight or Mojave Dusk. You will also have the possibility to do that considering the performance of the last month, the last six months or since you have a Spotify account.

You can name the festival, hide your username from Spotify or just hide the score of this tool to show. When you are satisfied with the result, you can save the result as an image or share it with other applications.

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