How to switch your Alexa remote control on the Echo Show 15: How to connect the remote control of your Alexa

How can I fix the flurry from the telegraph? The Echo Show 15 will be available at the end of December 2022 at 11:00. The latest update has made a fire television and can be operated comfortably without the occupant's armchair. Here, learn how to hook the Alexa voice. The Echo Show 15 is now, too.


22nd December, 2022 at 10:00.

With the latest update, the Echo Show 15 becomes a Fire TV and can be operated comfortably in the chair using the remote control. How to pair Alexa’s voice remote control with your friends?

Echo Show 15 is now a Fire TV. With the latest update, Amazon has, which has already been announced, built its entertainment interface on the smart display, and drastically increased the selection of streaming apps.

Fire TV is also much easier to control than the one previously available, but arguably is limited to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The Echo Show is so easy to control your Fire TV.

All you need is a 3rd generation remote control that is not connected to a networked Fire TV eraner whose power is activated simultaneously. Here you will learn how the coupling works by step.

If you don’t see the Fire TV menu option on your Echo Show 15, check out which software version your device has running under Device Settings and check for software updates. If the old Fire OS version isn’t running, then click the menu once and try to check whether all the updates are good or bad. Since version, the Fire TV addon should reach the Echo.

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