Is Jake Sully Avatar 2? Here’s What Happens To Him?

WARNING: The Way of Water is going to be included in this article. Stop reading now, even if you don't want the movie to be spoilt. Jake Sully is the main character of the Avatar franchise, and he returned in avatar: The Way of Water. Does Jake Sully die in Avatar 2? Here's What Happens to him Read more.

WARNING: Large spoilers for Avatar: The Way of the water are going to be included in this article. If you didn’t want the movie spoiled, stop reading now.

Jake Sully is the principal character in the Avatar movie, and then went back to Avatar: The Way of Water, after transforming his mind into his Navi body. The pair are surrounded by a pyongyong with their wife Neytiri, and they have a family, but when the relic does arrive, the couple, which has a huge reputation, happens in the sequel. So, is Jake Sully die in Avatar 2?

The Way of Water is no longer a life of Jake Sully, and we can expect the character to be starring in Avatar three, but it will also be able to see future sequels like that, so they will eventually become a reality. To the end of the year, two of them are mostly revolving around their family.

We have many characters who return from the first film while the two films undergo an all-year hiatus. We also get introduced to many new characters, some of which never survived to see the end of the film. If you want to study what Jake’s life is like in Avatar: The Way of the Water, please read this article.

Is Jake Sully dying in Avatar: The Way of Water?

Let’s get this answered right off the bat: Jake Sully doesn’t die in Avatar: The Way of Water. As the main character, Sam Worthingtons, Jake Sully, had to survive to see the end of the movie, and he would likely survive until the end of the pact.

Now, we don’t really know where the franchise will be going to end. According to reports, producers plan to make five movie series, but due to the sheer cost of each movie to make, it will depend on the box office number of each new installment.

As a result of his talks to GQ before the movie premiered, James Cameron said that the movie was very f*cking expensive and that it would be necessary to harness about two billion dollars, rather than to break even.

You must be the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history. That’s your threshold. That’s your break.

He added that the movie is probably the worst business case in history, as long as he does not realize its insane costs, since essentially betting on breaking historical box office records just so he can make a profit.

Moreover, given that there are already five Avatar movies planned out, Cameron said that, if they think there’s no chance it’s worth the money. They say that they’ll stop making this movie a trilogy.

With that said, Jake Sully will surely appear in Avatar 3 but if hell will appear beyond that, it will depend on whether movies four and five would happen first.

Does Neytiri die in Avatar? Here’s What Happens To him!

What’s happening with Jake Sully in Avatar: The Way of the Water?

Now that you know that Jake Sully doesn’t die in Avatar 2, we can explore what really happened to him in the movie.

Jake died already in the first Avatar movie good. He accomplished the transfer of his consciousness in his Avatar body, becoming a member of the Navi. He abandoned his broken body and decided to continue living with Neytiri on Pandora.

With the trailers for Avatar: The Way of Water, you could see that Neytiri and Jake Sully formed a family, apart from a couple of kids. They have three children: Neteyam, Loak, Spider and Tsink (adopted son), Tuk, their only biological daughter, and Kiri’s adopted daughter.

The family’s happy together, and the couple raises their kids the right way, teaching them the fundamental moral, practical and general way of life of the Navi. With the rest of the occupation, their happiness will end abruptly. The RDA doesn’t only return, but also Colonel Miles Quaritch, the main antagonist of the first movie Avatar.

He was tagged with a Navi body, with his mind and memories so far as he died. Death is also the only thing Quaritch doesn’t remember. In any case, altercation between Jake, Neytiri and Quaritch results in their youngest daughter, Tuk being kidnapped by the army of the Colonel (and Loak, and several others).

Sully and Neytiri seek help from the Metkayina Clan, also known as the Navi Reef People. They are a clan living in the sea, as far as the Omaticaya clan is in the jungle.

One can tell the truth that a liar has all stumbling stones in Pandora’s pocket.

Soon after the end of the film, the film was called when Jake, Neytiri and their children and friends battled against the RDA and Quaritch, who is holding Tuk hostage. The mothership with which the fight was happening suddenly thawns and gradually sinks.

Their oldest son, Neteyam, is saving his brother, Loak, and a girl named Tsireya, and in the end, he even saves the biological son of the Spiderman, Quaritchs and his adopted brother. However, during that sequence, he was shot by his chest.

Jake and Neytiri are getting Tuk while they stay stuck in the sinking vessel. Loak and his whale-like friend, Payakan, are lucky he saved them, but they weren’t saved by Neteyam. He dies right on the shore by his parents arms.

In contrast to Quaritch, he’s apparently killed yet again by Jake Sully. But after Neteyam saved Spider, the boy saved his biological father, thus pulling him out of the water. Hence, Quaritch has yet to survive, and will likely return in Avatar 3.

We’re here. Jake Sully didn’t die in Avatar 2, but suffered an even worse fate. He watched his kids kidnap him and then had his older son die in his arms.

The movie isn’t just for you, but you’d better go and see what it is like, give it a try. The visuals are just stunning. The theater atmosphere is going to add a lot more to the whole experience.