Japanese Lawson convenience store incorporated flavorless candy into the permanent product lineup

You can't taste the things to come.

I don’t like everything coming, but the taste of the things that might come won’t grow.

Earlier this year the smart store store Lawson decided to release several products from food and beverage makers like Calbee and Hokkaido Brewing Company. Although, at that time, one product particularly raised eyebrows all over the country.

What does she call Ajinoshinai? Was there an ame that means no flavor? Some candies are not flavored. The intriguing concept came from candy maker Kanro, and many people thought that a candy can not hurt their throats. Then, it’s still impossible to fill up their face masks with sticky saccharine fog.

A bag was tested during the trial period and found it useful to reduce candy consumption.

Perhaps a tangent would be a viable product long-term benefit, however, can a flavorless candy really be viable? Besides having seen the test from the end of October to November, Lawson also had a vote of seven products, and the top three earned a place in the chain’s permanent lineup.

The entire swoop of candidates is available.

Image: Lawson

After the 13th December result is finally coming in & Ajinoshinai? Ame wasn’t the real choice of the people. It will join the runners-up Calbee Garlic Mayonnaise Potato Chips and Toyo Beverages Atatamete Oishi Cafe Latte with an update in the near future.

Personally, I’m kind of frustrated that the chu-hi – which had 5 grams (0.2 oz) of milk protein did not make the cut, because that looked pretty wild. Although, the successful election of this flavor-free candy seems well received online.

I wonder if this doesn’t seem to look really good. I will try and make it home soon. If it’s no more flavorless? I think that isn’t uncommon but will last as well. We may try not to avoid carickness or to educate ourselves. I tried it. When you eat the food after you eat it, it tastes as if it were just a treat. It’s good to suck on so that you are woken up at work. If your mouth is dry, but you don’t want to eat a thing. I was using ice, but it was really cold. I can see that I want to try once, but do I have regular cashbacks?

Ame are willing to return for more. But the question is, will there be sufficient repeat work on long terms to support it? Then it’s June and June, when the official release continues, in Lawson stores across the country.

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