Kojima Productions makes a 69th anniversary DVD from the 7th anniversary & a new studio tour; new game from DS2

The official YouTube channel for Kojima Productions has uploaded three new videos. First is a minute’s message written by Kojima, celebrating the company’s seven-year anniversary.

A new computer and visual project has been started, with more information being planned for the next year.

Secondly, a lengthy video that took nine minutes was released, and included a video tour of Kojima Productions’ new studio. Each room has a look. Last week, a fancily edited video of the new studio was shared. It looks like a pleasant place to work.

Hideo Kojimas message on seven-anniversary is here.

See below to see what a studio trip Kojima Productions is about in the new studio.

You can view the trailer for this new studio here.

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Death Strike Director Cutis available on PC via PlayStation 4 and Xbox 5.

Death Stranding 2 is starring three stars.

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