MSI’s Delay for Custom AMD 7900 Graphics Cards until they can be easily custom-made

Even though we got the official release of AMD's newest graphics cards earlier this week, we didn't see a few custom models get released or announced as references (ie., lifting the model with the in-house model by a large number of AMDs) we didn't see that much from a genuine reality of [] kind of complex, real [[] – as long as a complete-blown real [seen] model — as a real [ [] real-seen version

Following the official release of the AMD AMD X 7900 graphics cards earlier this week, as well as the possibility that many custom models have been released or announced, we have only seen very few fully custom graphics, and from MSI no matter how much.

So, it is possible, the question is where MSI actually is with this GPU? In response to a series of Twitter posts, and while AIB partner has confirmed custom 7900s are on the way, sources believe that will hit the market until some point in Q1 2023. In other words, although you shouldn’t expect these models anytime soon, there might be an excellent reason for them.

Here it will be available soon!

MSI Gaming (@msigaming) December 13, 2022

MSI confirms AMD 7900 GPUs are going ahead very soon!

According to a separate leak source, MSI changed the mindset of not only making a reference version of the 7900 XT, but also turning the key to making a real change in the way of a new product or service. If you do so, you can be concerned about overclocking, more accurate base/boost clocks and, in very basic terms, designs that must overreact the base level of performance.

When will that happen to happen?! Well, although Q1 2023 could probably mean the first two weeks of January, the overall ethos I inherited is that they are likely not ready from their 7900 series of GPUs at some point around February or March.

Reports that MSI won’t have Radeon RX 7900 XT(X) cards aren’t true. MSI skipping MBA (Made by AMD) designs and is to present custom designs in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2023.

Andreas Schilling (@aschilling) December 16, 2022.

What are we going to think about?

The decision that MSI would wait until they had successfully completed implementation of truly custom models is probably a smart decision. References often help standardisation and price competitiveness, but generally they perform and give alike. And most importantly, not much better than AMD’s own base design.

Despite the excellent AMD reference model, it’s almost certainly interesting to see what AIB partners can do when they push the boat completely out here. Alright, don’t expect them to be anywhere near as affordable as $899/$999.

What do you think? Are you planning on getting an AMD 7900 GPU? If so, which model? Think of the 7900 XT, or of the 7900 XTX?