One day, the Epic Games Stores unveils a new, free Christmas game

The Epic Games Store will have a game entirely free starting yesterday. We only have 24 hours from 5:00. You should be able to download this game tomorrow, since the game will change so that you won't be able to redeem it. To order [] to a place, place in your slumber.

The Epic Games Store is starting yesterday and for the next 15 days it will offer a free gaming game. We’ll only have 24 hours from 5 to 17 o’clock. – Time spanish, to download it, because tomorrow the game will change and we’ll lose the ability to redeem it.

In order to avoid any errors or you forget, every day we will report a new gift for your Christmas that the Epic Games Store has offered to give us, repeating that action for several years now in the same Christmas period. I will wait longer, and today from December 16th – 17th, the new game will be announced on Epic Games Store.

Today’s free game is on the Epic Games Store.

The driving arcades 80 and 90 are like the Horizon Chase Turbo, without hiding it. A nod to gamers from both decades and a call to the current generation. As for the technical adaptations, the playable proposal retaining the essence of yesteryear’s titles, make it safe to gamble, without complications.

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