Our child King Is Good and Gentle as His New Decree! He is definitely not a baby!

Hark! Hark! Our grandfather, our slave, swaddled in the verified robes of his Twitter Blue empire has become a new incarnation!

My child’s sovereign, our imperial baby, swaddled in enchanted robes of his Twitter Blue empire has just made a lot more proclamations!

Twitter will start to incorporate “mute andamp; block signals” (not Legacy Blue) to downvote the messages (and as a passive ‘plugback’.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 17, 2022

This time, our holy, infantile ruler declared that he was a socially conscious person, and no doubt he’s a clear believer in free speech – he has given some great thought to the new world, and instead would take the young, old, old, aristocracy, thereby allowing for the extinction of those yelling, red bloods, and the wrying one, and it shits his appetite to the buck, ye t

This is a totally noble task, which our toddler tyrant was on, and a petty backlash to his perpetually utter condemnation and open mockery since he took on the throne. He certainly isn’t throwing temper tantrums. He is an unbiased king but he acts without benevolence. It’s not because he has a “ghosting” witty hat who baffled his royal tum-tum. He has never done anything so stupid and awkward like exiling a press member for writing facts about him! Yeah, I mean, look like they have said they could come back yesterday night, right? And he has certainly never seen that court because his royal aides asked him basic questions about his new laws. He just needed a widdle poopy in his diaper and they needed change. The King can’t spend all day long with those boring old uggos and their tricksy interrogations! The King isn’t threatened with such strictest punishments from very poor people.

Sorry for too many options. Will redo the poll.

Elon Musk December 16-23

But the King is also wise and nice and wants to give the world everything it takes. That’s the reason he’s very clever in making all the decisions for them after reading their poll results. He’s even willing to say that he’ll make them vote again and again, not because he wants a different answer, but because he’s dedicated to helping them hear their voices!

And his new royal decree is only a resurror for the person who keep a site alive. Continue to add to his commonwealth’s will! And in all probability, there will not have any negative consequences except that we’re old Legacy trolls and the bots our great leader is so concerned with! Only those who will be sent to the middle of the earth and not anybody else will decide to target his faithful subjects. It certainly won’t make our kingdom changed into something terrifying Reddit we keep chasing our nephews and younger siblings retreated into.

And so, as our beautiful, handsome, royal, baby boy with an intimate head of hair says, Voxx populi, voxx dei! Now somebody come pick her up because she’s time for her burpies and her afternoon nap.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris, The Met Museum-/Vogue-Getty Images).