Some major Windows 11 updates are expected to come out in March and May 2023!

When Microsoft officially turns into a major update, it turns out that the system isn't running. And this is something that isn't likely to be too bad considering that this update actually has almost everything to do with their problems. With this [] of course, [the] [she] is.

Microsoft has already shifted all the time to releasing one important update for its operating systems each year. And it isn’t likely that this is overly bad since this update seems to usually solve a hell of a lot more problems than they supposedly solved. Although 22H2 was released for Windows 11 around last September, the users of the platform likely felt safe from any new versions for at least nine months.

Following a variety of reports, including that from leak source @0x0d, it appears on Facebook that suggest that Microsoft could plan to update Windows 11 by the first few days of March. And, if you happen to be dead, there is a new one in May.

Since there are two significant changes in the operating system in the very near future, simply, 2023 might seem to be a very successful future.

Oh, goodie, too.

May 2023: the current standard for Windows Continuous Innovation releases (price-frame for 2023).

WalkingCat (@_h0x0d_) December 14, 2022

Windows 11 update March and May 2023 incoming computers and other computers.

Although there are clearly very few details regarding these updates, as you expect considering that Microsoft hasn’t told us anything on it (yet), the source says that the next notable update to Windows 11 is expected to be in March, and although this one isn’t anticipated to be too substantial, an even bigger update may fall soon.

What do we think of? Let’s hope that these two updates do better than 22H2 – mainly because of the reason for their lack of integration.

What do you think, however?