Spotify has been compatible with one of the best mobile phones

I have a few new features for Android 13 available today: the new media player available on the notification menu. I think you are watching, but you still haven't seen it, and if you have already [] seen them, it's easy for you to realize that.

There are many new features that you can use for Android, including the new media player you can use on the alert menu.

[Spotify: you’ll watch and watch the video to see what you want to do.

For example, as a result, you still haven’t seen you yet, even if you have already used an Android device for the past year. A new player must be able to get a better license. For example, YouTube Music is one of the apps that support it. The question is, therefore, not surprise.

Spotify and Android 13, union of luxury

Fortunately, the other third-party apps adapt to Android 13 and, amazingly, a few of them are a few. The music streaming service has updated its Android app to version, and the new thing that it brings is the latest update of the operating system.

Android 13 player has been added to Spotify.

Android is free.

The new media player Android 13 is more attractive and functional than Android 12. The elements have changed places. Now that has become more intuitive than before. Ignores are generally the same as the controls in the lower left corner. They have different sizes and positions.

The large change is that the play and pause button is now larger and therefore it becomes easier to pause that music we listen to for a while. There is also a playback bar plus large, which will make it easier to find the specific point of the song we want on both sides.

The new Android 13 player is changing according to the song we play on Spotify.

The Free Android is free.

As before, the player background is based on the album cover image used, and everything is based on Material You layer, and the visual style that is usually based on the image we have behind background, but in the player is based on this background image.

If we haven’t already installed this player, we have to update Spotify. Just put any song and tap down, and open the Android notifications menu, and obliviously see the player, available everywhere, even in the background, with the Spotify app.

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