Steam Tank: Some upgrades, but not in performance for now

This year the steam tower had a pretty successful launch and has since received several modifications. And the creators were thinking more. The Steam Deck is here, but what's more? The machine isn't fully defective. There are still lots to make in some corners and ends. To that by his side, all of the time I've accepted my wish.

The Steam Deck had a very successful launch this year and has received a number of modifications since the launch. But the designers’ ideas aren’t much longer.

The steam board is here, but what is on next? The machine isn’t completely without problems and there’s still plenty to do in certain corners and ends.

And then you’ll be disappointed if you’re already lurking for a steam deck. The cost of the battery is not easy compared with the screen, which is on the list of the top two factors in Valve – battery performance, and the unsatisfactory attachment of the battery – both. However, progress in performance isn’t expected for now.

Currently, the fact that all Steam decks play the same games is extremely valuable, so developers know what to aim for. The designers anticipate this one power level will remain a little longer, and only consider changing the power level if it’s not expected to achieve any significant gains.

Getting started on the BlueTooth audio can be expected a little quicker. The already used high-quality streaming codec makes audio lags for a large amount of time. Valve wants to make a re-account possible to switch to an iota to reduce lag.

However, software may require a few innovation. These include sharing personal experiences with other Deck users, more game-specific performance optimizations, a new audio mixer that controls games, music, and chat volume – and the introduction of mobile games that previously only exist on smartphones.

As far as it goes, Valve confirmed that it is interested in developing a new Steam controller. The first Steam Controller has been deplorable in 2019 because the amount of interest that is ultimately limited and most players now use the Xbox and Playstation console controllers. However, it isn’t a priority for Valve, since all hardware resources are focused on the Steam Deck, and yet the revival of the Steam Machines once considered is not always in the agenda.

First time I’ve been to the Steam Deck.

Today’s Is My First Time special. Unlike the Japanese game, Pirmin is having a new challenge, namely the Steam Deck. What are his impressions of being a PC player?