That’s how Steve Jobs managed to hire the best employees

Steve Jobs became very special and had a great gift to choose the best beer. Now you could join the conversation about the beer test, Steve Jobs was really a genius, but his main skill was to get to know a very good person at his job. From Good Old Steve Wozniak who founded Apple, []

Steve Jobs was a very special person and had a good gift for determining the best beer: the beer test.

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Steve Jobs was a real genius; but it was one of his main strengths to be able to train a lot of people. From the young Steve Wozniak, with whom he founded Apple to Jony Ive, in charge of designing Apples most iconic devices.

While finding that person isn’t easy, hiring is a success. Apple founder elicited the best possible reaction with a special interview from which he took the beer test.

Jobs had a clever role to do the best job interview.

I found success on finding real talent, not B and C players, but A players. I found that when you get enough A players together, and you study the remarkable research work of those A players, you really love working together. Steve Jobs is very important.

The beer exam, is more than a job interview, it’s a job interview.

The master has his booklet and as Tim Cook values 5 functions, rather than work at Apple, Steve Jobs had his own technique. Job interviews are often boring and relatively easy to prepare for, which is why Steve Jobs wasn’t liked by all of them.

For this reason, devised a new way of interviewing that involved looking for a friend and learning of the individual. Developing a person which would allow for him to create something awesome. And for that, he took them to a walk or drink as a whole to talk.

I take them out to eat, wander or just hang out. I ask questions like Do you remember what you did last summer or when did you last accomplish something? There is no answer to this question right or wrong. It is about doing what you can to make them feel better about our experience and show you their true self-sanity. Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was a very special person. He was really generous because he chose the best of his job.

To perform this test, it is essential that the interviewer, Steve Jobs, knows what he is looking for and that person will fit into, so as to use the academic or professional skill.

Even though Apple is using this system, we know some of the questions they often ask in their interviews, but company’s method of hiring has always been very secretive. The biggest people are a lot more important.

In 1983, they wrote a letter asking for his autograph, and here’s what he replied to Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs’ era was one of a unique character, capable of almost anything and with funny and hilarious stories. In his life, he mocked Windows, ruthlessly criticized the latest Marvel film, calling out the director, lost a device in a pocket, and gave an iPod in the aquarium. There are lots more interesting stories.

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