The Box office Avatar: The Way of Waters is already impressive

The box office will come back for Avatar: The Way of Water, taking shape in May. James Cameron will hit the market soon. The mega-blockbuster, which has released December 16 in the United States, has a total of 17.7 million dollars of previews from Thursday night and has a total of 69 million dollars in global markets, including China. The impressive is the fact that []he is just that much bigger.

The box office returns to Avatar: The Way of Water are underway, signaling an enormous hit for James Cameron. The mega-blockbuster, released December 16th in the United States, had a volume of 17 million dollars as of Thursday night, and has grossed roughly 69 million in global markets, such as China.

The film production can be made in between 400 and 500 million dollars around the world in the first weekend. If avatar 2 hit the expected total, would drastically improve it over the original films relatively slow debut, which opened at just $77 million in the United States. With 3D premiums and a powerful ability, the audience can keep coming back to Pandora week after week.

Avatar: The Way of Water can obtain as much living power as its predecessor, even if it starts with a bigger first weekend haul. If it can sustain that success and attract enough curious viewers and returning customers, then its huge debut can give it a lot of potential, even if it beat its predecessors box office record of 2,7 billion dollar it would still make a new appearance.