The bugs had been dropped from this quest in the hotfix

A Disney Dreamlight Valley hotfix fixed bugs in these quests. The Toy Story update didn't only bring New Content last Nicholas Day. The magic valley also has bugs cranched. Developer Gameloft has launched a remedy and has now developed a hotfix that can correct a bit of bug in the game.

Magic Dreamlight Valley has fixed the bugs in these quests.

The update of the Toy Story didn’t just bring back new content last Nicholas Day. Bugs swung into the magic valley, too.

Developer Gameloft came up with a remedy and has rolled out a hotfix that uses various methods to take care of a certain problem.

There were also issues in Disney Dreamlight Valley that made it difficult to leave Buzz Lightyears.

The boba tea was too big, too. The developer has shortened it to its normal, intended size.

Notices of the hotfix for the December 16th.

  • Story-related items can’t be inserted into the crafting menu before they should be available.
  • The feedback for Buzz Lightyears has improved to make it easier to leave.
  • My Favorite Substitute Quest: Improved item spawns so they won’t escape the map or become static objects.
  • We’re working on iterative fixes to help those who haven’t been working on this quest yet. Todays fix should help some players, but continued to investigate the issue as we anticipate it will persist for others. We’re always trying to keep an eye out for this until the next update.
  • Quest A Deal with Ursula: Players can now place the four crystals on the pedestals that each person can complete.
  • Quest The Mystery of Stolen Socks: The next step of this quest is now accessible to the players who have to clear the necessary junk. Thank you, Donald and Dreamlight Valley!
  • The Enlightenment Quest: Placing the Ceiling Fortress in the house will complete this quest now.
  • The tea Bobas are delicious. The big bite of Boba Tea is very good! But in the valley it was a little too big. The Teaboards are now present at their normal size, adjusted to the exact size and size of the teaboard.
  • There’s a number of improvements in stability and optimization.

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